Is this plugin already made?

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  1. Greetings,

    I wonder if there is already made an plugin that makes it possible to build higher than 125 in Y?

    If not, is this even possible?

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    It's planned for the 1.8
  3. Source? I thought the height limit will not be changed in 1.8
    //EDIT: @TS: maybe Inception is a workaround for your needs?
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    Notch confirmed it at PAX.
  6. Again: source? I thought he sayed height limit is not changed in 1.8 but I can't tell for sure now...
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    Notch has confirmed that height will be easily modded now.!/notch/status/93295073374113792

    Also, it's already been done on previous versions of the game engine, despite the "impossibility."

    A rather poor proof of concept.

    The mod is outdated and isn't maintained. Its terrain generator is also wonky and ugly. I imagine the Phoenix Terrain Mod might be adaptable with some changes to the maximum height parameters.

    I am looking forward to some more realistic mountains. A 1024 block map could generate mountains similar in height to the Appalachians, but not nearly as high as the Rockies or the Alps.
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    No Notch denied at PAX and on Twitter and on the blog... He released a picture on twitter about him experimenting with doubling the height limit and talking about how it presented problems in smp and with chunk loading (you thought it was slow now :p). So just like @Glaze said the hight limit will not change in default MC.
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