Is this breaking the EULA?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by zigaliro, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Hey, so I decided that I will create a minecraft server, and im wondering if this is breaking the EULA.

    So for example a player can purchase a 1-time kit with diamond armor for 5€, but instead of only him getting the diamond armor, everyone on the server will get. So basicly player that purchased the kit doesn`t get any advantage because everyone got the 1-time kit not only him. Is that breaking the eula?
  2. AFAIK, no, it's fine. The eula states that non cosmetic rewards are fine, as long as no single player gets an advantage. Therefore, as long as EVERYONE gets the reward, you should be okay. This is what Mineplex and other big servers do, with network boosters. Good luck

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    To go further into this, does selling ranks that have kits specific to that rank violate the EULA?

    Say if someone bought the rank "Enderman" on a factions server for $50. This rank comes with a daily kit that contains some enchanted armor and some other souped up items. This technically isn't a reward, but it does give the player an advantage in some ways. So did the server violate the EULA by selling them those perks?
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    Wow. So that means that probably about 90% of factions servers are violating the EULA. Servers like NemeGaming, MineSuperior and tons more should be being blacklisted. Why aren't they? Shouldn't Mojang be upholding their standards?
  6. @Music4lity
    Mojang are very lazy on enforcing their EULA. It's also that loads of minecraft servers depend on the fact that people can purchase various perks, and if minecraft servers can't run and make profit, Mojang won't have such a popular game.

    If you couple that with the ambiguous wording in the agreement itself, it's not too hard to see why only 42 servers are currently blacklisted.

    EDIT: Actually, the list on was outdated. The number of blacklisted servers is actually 1159.
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    You also have to take into consideration that they do not get anything from blacklisting servers. So what if 50 players knowingly purchase a kit for a small server? Blacklisting them just means that those players can't get their money back, and they lose a small community of players. It also means that some employee has to verify that the server is braking the EULA, ask them to stop, give them a week or so to comply, and then blacklist the server.

    Yeah, they may do it when large servers are blatantly doing it, but there is no incentive to go scour the web looking for these servers. But even still, this is not a reason to break the EULA.
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    Not only is it useless to just go about looking for servers, but some servers with smaller communities that have ways to communicate outside of the game can easily restart with a new server, if they had a backup of some sort, and divert attention away from them by going by a different name and using new domains.
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