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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by CreeperShift, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Alright, I have a question:

    Recently I noticed that shows online/offline mode servers for each plugin. I was surprised to see that often times you will find 50-60%, or even 70% of the plugins users run the server in offline mode.

    I'm planning on releasing a few more plugins (I don't really care about my existing one lol), and since I really hate people who use offline mode to run a cracked server (or whatever the reason, you should be using online mode!) and it has also already caused some issues for me when people report bugs because some random guy op'd himself, changed some settings and broke the plugin,

    if it's allowed to make a simple check for onlinemode in the onEnable and disable the plugin, with a note saying that this plugin does not support offline mode?
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    Yes. However, you will make people angry and miss out on 50% to 70% of people potentially using your plugin, according to your information. Also note that there are legitimate reasons to run an offline mode server other than piracy - bungee cord, session servers down, etc. (this does not mean using offline mode is safe, however, and I'm not supporting it).
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    Ah, I'm not too worried about people not using my plugins. I'm primarily making them for my server and just releasing them in case anyone would like them. Thanks for clearing that up! :)
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    If you have a unique plugin that is essential to these offline servers then it may actually make a difference.
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    Love you too baby.
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    It's nothing personal, it just wont work between us two. *cry*
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    Then there is the hundreds of bungeecord servers, like me, who use offline with verification.
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    Maybe there is a way to check for bungeecord?
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    The reality here is basically offline mode servers would use another plugin. Unless major plugins like Essentials did this (and even then I would expect an offline fork to show up) not very much would be accomplished.
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    The point is not to accomplish anything. I just don't want them to use it.
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    Unless the license didn't allow someone to fork it.
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    I think violating a license is what causes offline servers in the first place ; )

    Okay then.
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    Just saying that if it violates a license then it will not be allowed to be posted on sites such as this one.
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    Curse policy does not allow duplicate projects anyway. So you wouldn't be able to take someone's project, change a line of code, then upload it even if you don't claim it as your own and the license is Public Domain.
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    Even if you did, it'd be trivial to remove the code or simply patch CraftBukkit so it always tells plugins your server is running in online mode. I really don't see the point in imposing such limitations. My development server runs in offline mode, as do many BungeeCord servers.
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    Sure, that's worth the effort for a giant plugin like maybe essentials, but nobody is going to do that for my puny little plugin ;)

    I was also more wondering whether if it was even allowed to do such a thing, instead of "IM GONNA DO IIIT NAO".
    I'd just feel better if I knew I'd piss off some people with cracked servers ;)
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