Is there anyway to build in Teamspeak 3 server into minecraft?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Kimahri88, Oct 5, 2012.

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    If i play minecraft in Fullscreenmode its bad to change room on Teamspeakserver, is there a way to integrade Teamspeakserver into minecraft? With roomselection? like /ts switchto [roomname]? And configurationfile where you add the IP from your Teamspeakserver. and to gel a list of rooms /ts rlist, and a connect/disconnect command where be nice, like /ts con /ts dicon. Permissions -ts.connect -ts.discon and -ts.switch and -ts.* or like this. sry for unformated text but iam not home on Pc iam on with my pad!
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    is this possible? another idea is a command to activate the commands ingame, so the user can choose if the player want to use the plugin. command like /ts on/off and default is configurable in configurationfile. to save the choose of player the best way where to use an sqlfile or database that is configurable too! someone think this is a possible plugin?
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    Isnt there something like bukkitspeak? Or something like that?
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    yes, but it is outdated, no permissions (only configurable for OPs so its not exactly what iam looking for). last upload is from April 12, so i think the devolopers dont release new version with new stuff! it gets only bukkitspeak, but outdated!
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    *push* someone can do this?
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    *push* someone can rewrite bukkitspeak with adding the things i need?
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    why don't you contact the guy who wrote bukkit speak?
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    I've left Firedroide in charge of Bukkitspeak. Originally this type of service was to be integrated. But considering his commitment he's headlining the project.
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    deathmarine, maybe you can rewrite bukkitspeak to update this?
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    thx ill load it when iam back home next week ;-)

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