is there a way to have a bukkit server without hamatchi?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cammo, May 11, 2011.

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    is there a way to have a bukkit server without hamatchi without paying a server for it or anyother ways i can hav a server without hamatchi..
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    Yes, don't use hamachi.

    Perhaps you need to rephrase your question.
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    Are you having the problem of people not being able to connect except you if you don't use Hamachi? If thats the case then you need to setup port forwarding. so say your routers address is you need to set a port forwarding rule to 25565 or w/e port you want it on. then unless you have a static IP I recommend you go to and get a free address for your server, plus thats a lot easier than typing in an IP address every time.
    your actual IP address. go to to find out what it is.

    -If you still need help or this just wasn't what you were asking at all. then just try and Google it, there are lots of guides on how to do it.
    P.S. this is assuming that you are hosting on a network that you have the access to setup port forwarding.
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    This is a biggy, my original ISP locked you out of port forwarding :/

    Anyway is for noobs.
    Use :cool:
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    lol thats fckn epic. well how did they lock you out of it?
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    The Router's control panel was completely inaccessible, so you couldn't get in to forward the ports.
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    well there are some programs that can automatically forward ports for you. i cant recommend any because i have never used them. but one might work. if not try calling your ISP and see if they can do it for you or something.
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    I said my original ISP, my current ISP doesn't have this issue, lol.
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    ohh lol derr i should read things through better.
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