Is there a "Restricted area" plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Omnitv, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I have searched for a plugin that only allows a certain players to an area, where the player needs permission to go into the specified area, much like the teachers lounge in school.
    Similar to "World Guard" but with players.
    I did not seem to find any on plugin releases, I could be mistaken.

    Any help would be appreciated. =D

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    WorldGuard does have a flagging feature for individual regions... It's "/region (region name) flag entry deny" but you'd have to look into whether there's a permission for allowing groups to enter.
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    You can also set a area where they spawn and can not leave with the leave deny command with worldguard. It's what I use to do, just make sure the resticted group has no Tp/Tpa permissions.
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    Residence can be used to restrict an area from other people, you can add/remove all permissions based on group and per area, its not dependant on worldguard, but it does require vault. the restricted area's also have a area based chat system that is limited to just the cuboid the residence is in.
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    Thanks guys for your input, however i only know in general what world guard and i only used it for reference.
    and i am wondering if there is any other plugin like this or has some what similar characteristics.
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    You said that you dont really know how to use WorldGuard so this is how you can set it so people cant go into the area you will need WorldEdit

    1) Set the area that you don't want people to enter using WorldEdit
    2) Type the command "/region define <name>" Example: /region define TestArea
    3) Next type "/region flag entry <name of defined region> deny" This will not allow people into this area if you want people to be able to enter the area simply instead of putting deny put allow
    4) If you need anymore help with Plugins message me on skype : mrxlmaniac or message me on bukkit
    5) If you dont have skype then just go to this link World Guard Help
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    Residence. If you just some people in that area follow this steps:
    1- Download the plugin from
    2- Create an area using the tool you select for selections.
    3- use this command to create a new area /res create [Areaname]
    4- Then, stay on that area an type /res set move f (Players now can't move there)
    5- To allow people to move there use this /res pset Player move t
    Thats it :D
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    Did anyone had the permissions for the flag to allow a group to entry an area?
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