Is there a easy to use region plugin ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by natinusala, Dec 2, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,

    I wondering if there is an easy to use region plugin that allows me to deny building permissions to everyone on the entire world except on some regions I defined ?

    I've tried WorldGuard but it's too much complicated and I haven't found how to do it with that plugin.

    Thanks !
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    WorldGuard would probably make the most sense. you basically have to set parent regions I believe (for example: "World" would be the main region/parent region, and "Public 1" and "Public 2" would be other regions; "World" would be a parent of "Public 1" and "Public 2", which are childs; )
    1. World 1
      1. Public 1
      2. Public 2
      3. Public 3
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    Try 'Alerter' its Pretty easy to use and they have a good tut video.
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    @rockingoutloud : Is "World 1" the entire world or a custom cuboid that enclose the all world ?

    @TTimoNN : Thanks but Alerter doesn't have a default world configuration or I haven't seen it.

    I'm searching at a plugin which got an "outside of any cuboid" configuration or something like that, it's hard to find =/
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