Is Performance better for two seperate Servers then one Server with two Worlds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Sapd, Sep 7, 2011.

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    i wanted to ask if it would make a lot of difference in performance if I would only run one Server, with two different worlds. Or if it would be a lot of better if i would run two Servers, but only one world per Server (on the same hardware).

    Does every world run in a different thread?
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    Running separate server processes will probably give you better performance, but then you can't easily switch between worlds.
  3. Aren't there plugins which allow server to server teleports? I think one has even an integrated proxy server to bypass the need of a client mod. ;)
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    There are 3 interserver portals, Teleport is one of them. 2 separate servers will use more ram than one, but you will be able to take advantage of multiple cores.
  5. But, well, plugins which offer multiworld support wouldn't really work with that. Maybe a good feature request for one of the 3 plugins? :D
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    The Problem at the Server Teleport Plugins are that things like /list, or that private messages/costum chat channels of other plugins are not connected with the other Servers.

    So i wanted to know if seperate Worlds have seperate Threads, so i can take advantage of multiple cores like croxis said.
    Thats why i ask if it makes much difference if i run one Server with two worlds, or two Servers...
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    ^^ Would be really a good feature. But i think it is not really possible because of the different plugins who needs to be connected.

    But if different worlds have different threads, then i could use only one Server, which uses as many cores as worlds, and then i needn't worry about connecting Servers.

    So, does someone know if different worlds are using different threads?
  9. Well, the plugin had to overwrite bukkits getWorld("world name"); and similar commands (or add alternatives, but then every plugin would have to be coded for this) and share such API calls trough the network. ;)
    I don't think it's using different cores... :/
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    I have seperate worlds for survival, nether, and freebuild, and performance isn't really an issue. Feel free to check out my server to see how it's set up.

    How many people are you realistically planning to host for at a time anyway?
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    Well, at school holidays our average user count who are online at same time is at 30 - 40. At a playcount of ~25+ movement of mobs/other players starts to lag and block placement/destroying a bit.

    I wanted to add now a PvP Server, and i think I can plan 10 - 20 Users for it.
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    what are your hard ware specs?
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    Intel core i7-920
    24 GB Ram (12GB allocated to Minecraft)
    100mbit internet connection
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    Daniel Heppner

    Just btw: sk89q has a two servers with inter-server chat and /list displays one list from each server. All chat messages from the other server use [name] instead of <name>. I'm sure he coded everything himself. You can also log into the server when is down, but beforehand you had to have logged in while it was not down, then when it goes down, you go to the server's website and request a code which you enter in game and it changes your display name to your real username. Pretty cool.
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