Is it true? You need must need a big invesment to get your server big?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by laksida, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Hello my name is laksida, i got a server (varios). which isn't yet to be released we are planning next monday. but some people say you won't get far without an invesment, i got a little invesment like 150$, i also pay my host every month 50$. I don't expect to be my server 2000+ online but like 50 players at a time would be nice after a few months or won't it grow at all?
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    You mostly need to advertise your server and have good features that would make players want to stay.
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    Nah, I am pretty sure the big network owners bought all that they have now for 5 bucks.

    Investiments are a hoax.
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    I don't know what you're $150 investment bought you but if you are paying your hosting service $50 a month, they must be providing a package with more than enough resources than you will ever need for a medium sized 50 player server.

    By today's hosting standards, Minecraft can run in a minute resource footprint. To achieve the kind of game you will ultimately like to put on line, means adding lots of plugins. These plugins will occupy some Memory space when minecraft starts up and increase CPU usage as players join the game driving plugin use. Plugins that you add to your game will also occupy additional hard drive space but this is meaningless in today's Terabyte world we live in.

    As players start to join the game, the need for memory and CPU resources increases proportionately. I've seen it said in the forums that as much as 100 Megabytes of memory per player should be allotted but I find that 50 Megabytes of memory per player is more than sufficient on average for each player. That's what I use as a "rule of thumb". This will vary with the activity of your players. The more players you have on line, the more that the memory usage will average out.

    You are starting a game with a full complement of plugins and need room for up to 50 players. I personally would start hosting your game with 3 Gigabytes of memory dedicated to the game and a good fast processor. Use a panel such as Multicraft to monitor the Memory and CPU usage. If you constantly experience lag in your game or your Memory usage runs continually close to 100% after restarting the server, your Hosting Provider should be able to upgrade your assigned memory. Again, I say make sure you are using a fast CPU. Lots of players doing lots of things in your game can quickly max out your CPU's abilities and cause lots of lag. I have observed on my own servers that either Minecraft, Bukkit, or one or more of my plugins, or Java's Memory Manager itself must be Memory leaky because after a day or so with just me on the server, memory creeps up to the 100% mark. Resetting the server drops it back down to below 50% again and then over a long span of time, it starts to creep back up.

    One lst resource to take into consideration is your Hosting Provider's connectivity to the internet. They should be multi-homed with 2 or more peer connections to their gateway providers with Terabytes of bandwidth on each. This could be a bottleneck for your game if they overload their connections to the internet. Make sure that they are guaranteeing you adequate bandwidth and not charging you metered usage of the bandwidth if you run over the monthly allotment. I'm not sure exactly what bandwidth 50 players would use at the server side but I imagine that is uses a major portion of a 100 Megabyte Ethernet connection. If your host is providing multiple game hosting on the same piece of hardware, I would make sure that they're dedicating an Ethernet port to your game.

    I hope this help you with understanding resource usage by the game. I would be interested to know what the complement of resources are that y0ur $50/Mo is buying?
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    I would have said no two years ago, and today i would say slightly.

    To have a successful server you need some form of unique feature to make it stand out.
    In my opinion a good server need a well presented spawn, website, trust worthy staff, great plugins and dedicated staff, Along side cheap ranks, Servers go beyond prices, up them when you have a better player base. Dont be greedy.

    As some of the guys mentioned above start of with a smaller server, which will cost less or maybe find a cheap dedicate server and see how that works for you, Best of luck need any help feel free to pm me, Thanks!
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    You will need, at the very least, unique content. This means either:
    • lots of money to hire developer(s) for custom plugins
    • lots of time if you have the experience to do it yourself
    Advertising would be another category that requires lots of money, but some people (and many of the large servers today) were great at working with free exposure to grow their community.
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    If you play your cards right, you can easily get 60 players to join with $30 worth of advertising. That doesn't mean most of them will stay though :(
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