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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 666bob, Dec 9, 2011.

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    I am very comfortable when it comes to putting mods on single player (Like it's that hard. Haha!) But, my friend and i wanted to play with one another on a LAN Server, and i am trying to use bukkit. And, i see that there are all Plug-Ins, but i was curious to know if you were able to use Bukkit with Mods. (BuildCraft, RedPower 2, Minecraft Forge (MPLoad, ModLoader))
    Is this possible, peeps? If so, would someone be kind enough to run me through on how to work this? All the videos either suck, or are a year old. :(

    Thanks, to the people that can redirect me or help me! :3
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    Not really, no :( . There used to be a plugin called ItemCraft which has since gone inactive. All those mods were built for single player.

    There is a project called Spout though which will have similar functionality to what you're wanting, if not now then definitely in the future.
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    Well, i mean.. For Build Craft and Red Power 2, i have all the downloads for a Server. But, i wasn't sure on how i would get them to work with Bukkit and it's plugins. Or, are they not compatible with one another?
    (EX: Minecraft.jar from website; allows you to use mods) But, i'm sure that doesn't work with Plugins, right?
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    I am guessing if you want to do that you will have to either use spout or use vanilla MC server and install them on thst
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    Hmm, all right. I can try the Spout thing. What about using the Vanilla MC with the Bukkit? Is that possible? I have all the Bukkit stuff running and working fine. (Except for the Citizens Plugin. Still working on that)
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    Ah, man! So, i guess there is no way to use CraftBukkit Plugins and Mods yet, huh? Super lame! I don't see why there should be any different. They both run the same way.
    But anyways, thanks for helping me out. I got plentyful of plugins. Just with i could get BuildCraft and RedPower2 to work with CraftBukkit so the homies and i could play together and make cool stuff.

    @Chillax_Team So, i went and depatched down to 1.8.1. And, the way they show you how to do all of it seems so fucking confusing. Have you ever used it before?

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    Yes Sir. I have hosted a Planes, Cars, and Guns Server before. And i also hosted before a BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft Server.
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    Ah, yeah. I actually just got a RedPower, BuildCraft, Industrial Craft LAN Server going right now. Took me so effing long. It was insane. But, works great. Now, it just slowly make it better. :3
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