[Is it possible] make my player like dinnerbone

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AKS JEFFREY, Dec 20, 2013.

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    So I am in a private server for coding plugin. And i was wondering if i could look like Dinnerbone. What i mean is upside down. [​IMG]
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    AFAIK, it's not possible due to the fact that the client itself renders the skins based upon the name above the player's head.
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    but if u named a mob
    Dinnerbone then it would be upside down. so if i change a line of code so dinnerbone upside down line of code will be copied and replaced with my ign
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    I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're saying. The only way you can get a player to look like Dinnerbone is to change their name tag to "Dinnerbone", but then it would display Dinnerbone's skin instead of their own.
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    Why do I see bdubs there?
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    HeavyMine13 because it was a live stream

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  7. Hooray for Mindcrack!

    As said above, this is impossible to do without editing the game client. You can rotate them 90 degrees by making them lay on an imaginary bed (using packets).
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    Try to use TagAPI and see what happens. This seems to be an intreating idea, I'll test it later.
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    Anything named Dinnerbone is upside down. Unfortunately, if you name your player Dinnerbone, everybody will see you as Dinnerbone...
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    Thats dinnerbone's skin in the picture though
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    It's Dinnerbone in the picture...
  12. Every entity names after a Mojang employee (thats working with Minecraft) will be rendered upside down. This is completly done client side and there's no way to force a client to render one of your players upside down. Well the only way I can think of is giving your players the names of mojang employees (by using tagApi or protocollib or your own impl) but than, everyone will look the same.

    foot note: Not all mojang employees are but Grum and Dinnerbone etc are.
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    LCastr0 Wow! I must look into this! I, like most people, have always thought that only the player names Dinnerbone and Grumm can make the player go upside down. This is really interesting to see that it has been done on the Hypixel server.
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    I tried disguising, but it doesn't keep my skin :/
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    LCastr0 Can the player see themselves upside down in f5 mode? Or is it only players viewing them that can see it.
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    Only the other players can see you upside down
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    I do not think this is even possible without Client modifications, just try decompiling with MCP. The Dinnerbone/Grum upside-down is hardcoded inside the Client itself, not the server.
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    MOMOTHEREAL has a point, you don't know if there were any client mods when the picture was taken.
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    1) open client source code
    2) navigate to render manager
    3) check rendering conditions related to reversing model
    4) PROFIT

    this is how development of such things is done.
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    Code from net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.RendererLivingEntity, line 347 (MCP 1.7.10):
    1. String var6 = EnumChatFormatting.getTextWithoutFormattingCodes(p_77043_1_.getCommandSenderName()); //This is the name of the entity (name tag).
    3. if ((var6.equals("Dinnerbone") || var6.equals("Grumm")) && (!(p_77043_1_ instanceof EntityPlayer) || !((EntityPlayer)p_77043_1_).getHideCape()))
    4. {
    5. GL11.glTranslatef(0.0F, p_77043_1_.height + 0.1F, 0.0F);
    6. GL11.glRotatef(180.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, 1.0F);
    7. }

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  25. Now everyone will be stealing Dinnerbone's signature thing.
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    It is possible, like you see on the screenshot... I have some screenshots laying around where mncat77 and I tried to modify the craftbukkit.jar to support multiple versions, and we had some crazy stuff with nameplates, players etc going on, so maybe they are using old server packets or something like that :)
  27. I don't think those are related. Has anyone tried naming the player Dinnerbone and giving him a diffrent UUID (the one you want the skin from)?
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    Dinnerbone himself should add this into Bukkit. :p

    It was made by codename_B ;)

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    You do realize that I wrote that before that "trick" even existed, right? :p
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