Is hosting a Bukkit Ubuntu server better than Windows 7?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mack12346, Mar 22, 2013.

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    I've heard that it's better if you use Ubuntu if you host a bukkit server, is it true?

    Note: 64 bit
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    Ubuntu is good. Unless you do not know the terminals or commands. Also windows only needs to be portforwarded and install server. Plus no other installation but java and basic server stuff.
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    Linux is a much more lighter, and less resource hungry OS than Windows, so yes it is better. Although you will need some knowledge of using Terminal and commands.
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    Most geeks will tell you not to use any Windows version for hosting Minecraft servers, websites etc., but some trust the Windows Server edition, which MAY offer some benefits to the hoster. But in strong terms I'd advise you against using a desktop windows edition like Windows 7 for hosting a server. That GUI stuff will just take RAM and CPU time and if it's a remote server you'd rather use a SSH/telnet client than a RDP/VNC connection to maintain your server. And well... Ubuntu Server comes without a GUI, so that's the big difference (beside open source and proprietary) between W7 and Ubuntu Server
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    If you have knowledge I recommand debian 64 (squeeze).
    If not windows 2003 server x64
    but please, not win 7:oops:
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    Linux-based OS'es can be faster, but if you've never used them you'd be much better off sticking with Windows.
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