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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DeliciousCinnamon, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Having problems with Bukkit? My server has just started to randomly lose connection and drop players today. If I turn Bukkit off the problem isn't there. It just started happening today, and I haven't touched a Bukkit file in a day or two.

    Yeah it just keeps booting everyone after a few minutes, and the connection is at 1 bar.

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    Sounds like a connection issue with your host or your home connection if its hosted out of your house.
  3. I talked to my host ( about it and when they turned off Bukkit everything was okay.
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    Random drops in connection, sounds familiar, my server is on a 100 mbit private connection, and I usually download stuff with 3MB/s (yes, capital B), and I still drop out once every hour.

    I thought it was my host (Redstonehost), I'll update to a later bukkit build next weekend, maybe that'll fix it.
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    A friend had the same problem on some dedicated server. So he just cancelled the contract and set up an own server on some notebook redirected via dyndns and port redirecting on his router and all problems where gone. I can imagine that there are some Java related problems because there is more then one Server instance running on every OS instance.
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