Is a cracked server really cracked? Or...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by chilldy, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Is it just a server in offline mode.
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    It's just offline mode.
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    Why is it considered cracked than? I don't get that. No cracking was involved.
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    Because it means that players can play without having an account.
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    Because they're ran by 12 year olds who think 'cracked' is a special / relevant term.
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    Cracked is just a popular/fancy/incorrect way to say that name authentication is off.
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    No. Its just in offline mode.
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    When most people search game servers on google and they are too cheap to purchase the game, they will search 'Cracked minecraft servers' not 'Offline minecraft servers' or 'unauthenticated minecraft servers'

    Just a phrase which has been adopted globally.
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    It's just another term. Kinda like how we call bandages Band-Aids. Band-Aid is a brand but it has just become the assumed name by society.
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