Is 16GB Ram and a 2.8 GHz Dual Core G6960 going to hold 100 players?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Wysie, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Answer my question please :)

    100mbp up and down

    They are saying that it will hold no problem.

    Plugins would be:
    WorldEdit, WorldGuard and Essentials
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    Is this now 4 or 5 threads about the same thing?
  3. I guess 100+
    FAQ would be nice! @bukkitTeam
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    The site is totally wrong.
    It is a combination of CPU, RAM and HDD Load and not just the RAM.

    I run a Bukkit Server with 60-70 Players on Quadcore with 8GB RAM.
    Bukkit use only 4GB from 6GB(6GB max. for Bukkit) and its total laggy.

    I think the page is designed for small private vanilla servers.
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    minecraft and 100 ppl server without lags !?HAH dreams
  6. The 100+ was meant that there are 100+ Threads about that Topic, not about the Players. :p
    And I recon, that the Site cant be accurate, but it is at least an Indication.
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    Anything is possible if you have enough money.
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    On a DUAL-CORE? who are the fcktards that told it would hold 100+ users simultaniously.....
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    You're retarded, Bukkit is only single threaded meaning it can only run on one thread so Quad Core would be as useful as a Dual-Core, a higher clock on a Dual-Core would be better than a lower clock on a Quad-Core.
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    Seriously, we already gave you all the answers you need. Stop opening new threads about the exact same thing. ;)
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    The OP isn't very smart.
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    if its your own pc probebly not.
    Cause you run your own programs (minecraft to) and it slows down,
    I think you have a asus if im right, i have a server to with almost same specs and i have no lag but thats because not as many players log in (only my friends) but when i have multiverse on it lags so wont think so
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    tha d0ctor

    I would answer your question but I'll wait for you to open a new thread and I'll answer that one...

    I say no. You'll need like a 4+ ghz core clock to run that many players until minecraft is multithreaded
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