Iron Golems defend players from other players 1.15.2

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by moonapplesauce, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Hello, I've been working on this project on my own using datapacks and advancements and I'm getting quite on my hands and knees with this and I saw this forum and thought maybe somebody can save the idea from abandonment.

    The idea is basically, when you attack another player unprovoked you are considered an offender, and then any nearby iron golem that saw then takes the side of the player in self-defense and targets you like a mob.

    I tried to make this but asking someone else to do it sure seems easier.
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    If you're looking for a datapack this is potentially the wrong place. Maybe someone here knows how to do that, but most people on here are plugin developers.

    This is still possible with plugins, however, so if you want that instead then someone may be able to take your request.
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    I obviously was asking for a plugin request.
    I was just mentioning that I was trying to do this with a datapack on my own.

    Sorry for the confusion.
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    Missing some crucial information
    Is this effect permanent?
    Does it get applied even when no golems are nearby,or only those in a set distance get's alerted
    Should it be restart persistent
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    I mean some of that sounds up to the coder.
    Only iron golems nearby get alerted. It would be useless to *alert* iron golems to a target too far for their pathfinding... but of course you could *alert* all iron golems to tagged enemies and then retain those tags across chunks. That's not quite what i'm after because I want interactions to be forgotten afterword. (unless configurable)

    I don't know what restart persistent means.

    No, the effect wouldn't be permanent. The identifiers,variables, or tags applied to players within range of an Iron Golem would be removed once outside the relevance of those tags.

    When I was trying to code it myself, I was using functions and advancements, and I revoked those advancements and tags once they walked outside the Iron Golem's range. But however someone chooses to code it would be up to them as long as the desired affect is achieved. (and I would be gracious if it didn't run a lot of gunk in the console like functions do, lagging up the server)
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