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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Replace this over your run.bat file
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    i see you mentioned a memory optimizer disable it and see if everything works fine as it could cause a problem if it trys to recover some memory what is needed by bukkit
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    When I'm entering the server, it says: Failed to verify username.:mad:
    What do I do?:confused:
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    Buy the game.
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    How do I host the server on an online hosting thing?
    Can you give me a site that supports the automatic bukkit installer?
    Also can anyone make some editing to my groups.yml file in bpermissions folder? Pm me to help me!
    If you help me i will give you a rank on my server!
    Ps. i cant seem to find group manager 1.3.2 or something like that


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    i use the direct link.
    No maintenance required on my side :p
    That way I don't have to bother with pushing new updates every few weeks, and I can do other stuff.

    The automatic installer won't work on a hosting site, but most of them should set it up for you anyway. Just have a look at their FAQ's and send them a support ticket if necessary.

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    So how do I host my server on something other than my computer?
    Because I need more RAM and i need a hosting site bad, I cant play minecraft and host the server on the same computer at the same time, it crashes too much :(
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    try a hosting site like Kerplunc Gaming (Treepuncher is their minecraft sub-company), then just upload your plugins and world to the control panel after you sign up.
    There are other options as well, just run a search for minecraft server hosts.
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    Hey I am having installing the new version of the installer. My PC broke so I am trying to install a CraftBukkit server on my brother's old PC but when it starts to do the compulsory download at the end, it says 'download failed' and Windows looks for a solution. But when I try again it comes up with the same thing. My friend also tried to install it on his PC and he had the same problem. If you guys could help me that would be great! Thanks
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    is this a problem with your .netframework ?? you musst install then restart your computer then run installer again.
    if it comes up with a .netframework problem just click continue and it should work
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    I'm getting an error.
    If I click okay:

    After clicking okay on that the program opens but nothing works.
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    does this work for windows 8?
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    Hoogaloo thats ment to happen click continue and it should start up

    Tobi_MadaraX if windows 8 can install .netframework 4.0

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    I did as you said and installed .netframework and then restarted my computer but it still didn't work, it just said the download failed again. Please help!
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    where did it say down load failed?
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    It comes up with a Window that is not part of the CraftBukkit installer that says 'Downloading Files has stopped working' in blue writing and then under that in black writing it says 'Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...'

    Nevermind guys, I got the Operator Panel and it works perfectly :)

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    i have the server set up and running but i have just 1 problem : my computer is connected to my grandma's MAIN computer. same thing as LAN. so i have run into this problem: i cant use the ip this website gave me and i cant use the regular ip ( ) for the computer. i run the server but i get no success . now i used your auto installer back in 1.2.5 but accidentally deleted it the day before 1.3.1 came out. so i figured i would wait for you to update. ( i forgot about craftbukkit and started using lan to play with my brother , the entire reason im getting the server, but when we used lan the lag was horrible. i realized we didnt have a problem with that when we used your auto installer. ) so i come back and i get this problem. back in 1.2.5 i just used the default ip ( ) now that doesnt work. HELP?

    i apologize for the wall of text but it sums it up
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    How do I update the craftbukkit?
    Also im trying to use the program RAMdisk so my server isnt laggy, but i'm really confused on how to use it
    The first time i tried using it, it just made my server even slower
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    Hello! I am a complete noob to this.

    So far, i think i did everything correctly, but i keep getting an error message.

    I am running windows 7 and Minecraft 1.3.2

    Did i do something wrong? Was there a specific file to download this to?
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    Error: Unable to access jarfile craftbukkit.jar
    Press any key to continue
    Download craftbukkit manually from
    save it as craftbukkit.jar in your server folder then try again

    You need to port forward it. see @jacklin213's guides in his signature.
    By deleting the craftbukkit 1.2.5/1.3.1 in your directory and downloading the lastest craftbukkit and moving that to you server directory.


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    Where can i find my server folder? Do i make one? Or do i find it in my .minecraft?
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    C3544G what Omnitv means is download it again from here
    then rename the file to craftbukkit.jar

    dylan_frenette u could do a tl;dr and sum it up.
    from what i have understanded from reading your post is have you portforwarded properly???

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    So i should have a file named craftbukkit.jar, with all the things i downloaded in it (the auto-installer + the thing you told me to install at, and that's it? Because i tried this, and i still got the same error message.

    And does it matter where this file is located on my computer?
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    did u put your craftbukkit.jar in your auto installer folder
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    Okay, i think i should start from the beginning.

    I need to download the auto-installer ( i don't need to name the auto installer folder anything specific?), then i need to put the craftbukkit.jar into the auto-installer folder.
    This craftbukkit.jar (that i am putting into the auto-install folder) is a folder, that should have this: (the files it downloads and such) in it?
    Is that correct?

    I apologize for this, i have no clue what i'm doing :eek:
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    or u could just run the auto installer in the auto installer software which does all this for u ^o^
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    i uplaoded them to google drive, since there's no simple way to get the latest download links straight off of bukkitdev. keeps the code cleaner and helps minimise updates
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