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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    I used your manual instructions to make a bukkit server
    Thx :)
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    oh np. Glad i could help
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    just cancel the installation when it asks for it. besides, you shouldn't have to use the installer each time. the actual program is standalone, and can be found in your server folder as Bukkit Operator Panel.exe.
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    ^ what he said unless u didn't install it properly FYI. When it says ruining on bukkitgui (looks like error code) just click ok and wait for it to start it will appear every time
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    I have a problem...I got this error:Unhandled exception....(From Net.Framework)...I already installed NET Framework -.-
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    U just have to click continue or reinstall .netframework
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    Problem.png this is the problem that im getting
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    Yes that's the one I'm talking about. Just click ok and wait for it to start
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    Umm, I click on the application but when the thing pops up it says "Path not specified" Please help
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    Yea ill paste the lik you said i shuld give you jacklin213 so i pasting it here and on ur profile to be sure.
    And I realy hope you can help me with it. this is beeng realy heavy for my server and my players who is joining it.
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    Ok, I got some errors of my own (that were caused by the Operator Panel) that are posted in a Imgur Collection: The Collection

    Also, Chris; Do you have the plugin "EssentialsSpawn"? If so, I suggest using that "/spawn, /setspawn" instead of CommandBook's... I speak from experience. :)
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    shayglon22 what do u mean path not specified?
    Miningdude those errors are ment to happen restart your computer open craftbukkit automatic installer and keep clicking next till it opens
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    Yepp i deleted the commandbook and replaced it with essentials spawn, essentials..... every thing, but then /spawn and /set spawn working, yaay.... but then i dont have kick,ban command---___--- hackers and cheaters welcome to my server, no no im not going that way so its like taking a choyse between commandbook witch has fuckt their spawn or something or essentials there i dont have kick ban command, yes i have downloaded it right i downloaded the core then the extras i followed every step to samkio, but no good result...
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    Chriss1239 wadda ya mean essentials has kick,ban. Do u have Skype maybe voice chat maybe be easier for u
    My Skype name: jacklin213
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    Jacklin i fixed it now, i just needed to put the craftbukkit.jar in the folder it was meant to be in
    But now I don't know how to make my server open for poeple to join :(
    I gave them the IP (Also is tehre a place i can change it for free? to like and then it always says cant reach server, but I can seem to get on it
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    yes ur talking about a dns no-ip has a promotion for free that u can make 3 dns'. Go to
    then register make the name of the dns then put your external ip there. Know when your external ip changed you still can use the dns to connect to it. FYI: u connect with internal ip found in cmd by typing "ipconfig"
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    Hey guys I've reached and error and hopefully someone can help!

    I've successfully installed the auto bukkit client but when I go to click on the CraftBukkit icon to start the server this error messege just keeps looping...

    at net.minecraft.server.PropertyManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.PropertyManager.savePropertiesFile(

    and this is all it will do.

    Please note I am not tech savy so the more info the better.

    Thanks in advanced!

    EDIT: I got the server to run. Had to run the Craftbukkit as Admin.

    But now a new problem arises. None of the plugins appear in the CMD window. I've looked in the bukkit operator panel it shows the 4 plugins installed..

    I've even gone into the craftbukkit folder and in the plugins folder it shows the plugins there, yet in the CMD window it says [INFO] Plugins <0>:

    idk why it doesnt recognize them.

    If anyone can shed some light on this it'd be greatly appreciated!
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    Did you put the plugins.jar in the plugins folder?
    Located in the server directory.
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    sounds like u have some sort of windows permissions issue

    like jack said u can use no ip org so u can get a free domain and use their duc client to keep your ip update, but you still need to portward through your router as well to be able to connect

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    carls1976 your one of the few people who get my name right:) DIAMONDS FOR U!!!![diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    You cant eat diamonds. >.> I prefer cookies.
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    Lol cookie for u then [cookie] lol fail
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    Can one of you give me a step by step tut on how to:
    Let other people on my server
    Change my ip to a diff one

    Im a NUB :p
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    How about using google or the search function?
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    Is this updated to 1.3??? My friends server is shutting down because he wont update his and i want to know if this is updated!!
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    You can manually download the 1.3.1 R 1.0 jar and add it on to your server.
    Im sure it is updated . :3
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    got to
    sign up for a free account
    login to the account go to hosts/redirects
    add a host
    then download the client and link it to your account
    this will update your ip address to the domain u have picked u give that domain to all your users instead of your ip
    then you need to setup portforwardingthe way i prefer to do this is using a program from there
    you install it pick your router from the list if it doesnt detect it right click on the big white box and pick add new
    then custom
    name minecraft
    type tcp/udp
    start port 25565
    end port 25565
    then click add
    this will put it in the big white box
    then u click the update router button
    it will login to your router control panel it will need you to enter the username and password
    then it will do the rest for you after that u should be good to go
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    So the hostname for the thing i set up at is now th ip address people will need to enter to go on my server?

    now i have another problem
    when people are on my server it freezes and it disconnects them and they have to keep relogging
    It keeps crashing
    maybe my pc sucks :(

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