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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    ImminentFate - If you need another download mirror I wouldn't mind hosting it for you or offering you FTP access/syncing on my server.
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    i'll be fine thanks. Dropbox is more than good enough, and if I go over the bandwidth (occasionally, I do) I just switch to SugarSync or Mediafire until it comes back

    for the first one:
    Did you let the package of tools that comes with it to get installed? (Net Framework 4, VB Power Pack). What OS do you have.
    for two and three:
    Did you read the message properly? If you did, it will tell you that "if this is your first time running the gui, please run the installer first". Do that after the operator panel loads up, its the first option available.

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    Yes, they installed fine. I am running Windows XP SP3
    The operator panel dosn't load and just shows those errors. I am going to try and run the installer again to see if something was done wrong on my part.
    EDIT: I got to the installer and downloaded it, I am still getting the first error, but don't have the two others.
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    it seems that you are missing that file, which is odd, since it controls a lot of things on your computer. besides this isntaller, it may be a concern for you for other things as well. Run a virus scan on your computer, try checking the recycle bin, and if you have to, perform a system restore. You may not realise, but that file is quite important. It stands for "desktop windows management application programming interface". The name should tell you it all. It controls most things to do with your desktop, such as boot and windows loading.
    DONT download it from somewhere else. it is a way of getting an infected file that screws your computer completely
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    Wow... well I did a full system search for it and couldn't find it... ran a virus scan and am clean... and I cant preform a system restore because I got this system at a garage sale and don't have an XP backup
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    Pail doesn't open O_O Did I do something wrong? I tried to manually add it into the plugins folder and it didn't seem to do anything.
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    the installer may have failed to install Pail. or any of the other plugins. Try running the installer again until it works, or get them by yourself
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    mine says that it is unable to access bukkit jar
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    can you send me the thing plz i need it
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    If anyone is experiencing trouble with launching, it's because this installer doesn't come with craftbukkit.jar automatically. You need this to run the server. I highly recommend this installer, but you'll need the .jar from an outside source. Like right here:
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    Same as most other people here, Pail isn't loading, and the only version I'm finding I can't download because it's outdated. Anyone care to help?
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    Did no one read the "bugs" section at the bottom of the topic?
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    First off id like to thank you for such a great application.. it takes all the pointless work out of the equation and thats great!

    So far, ive in stalled everything as i was supposed to. made sure all the Microsoft prereqs were installed and made sure java 7 was installed.

    but when i go to launch the "Bukkit Operator Panel" i get the following error.

    Bukkit Operator Panel has stopped working.
    This occurs just as i click on the application.

    Please respond as soon as possible.

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    hey, did you let the installer install the two necessary prerequisites? .NET Framwork 4.0 and Visual Basic PowerPack?
    Also, what OS do you have?
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    lol sorry I feel stupid. :oops: No, I have windows vista.
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    umm what was your problem again? It was a fair while back..
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    Yes i let it do everything that it asked.

    Im currently running windows 7 64Bit
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    that's interesting..
    Try running the install again, and hitting repair when the secondary installers open. I'm not sure how else to fix it.
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    Hey. When i run the shortcut on my desktop it runs and prepares spawn and all them goodies. But where is the server file? .Craftbukkit is not in %appdata%. I would appreciate if you could help :D Thanks man.

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    its not meant to be in %appdata%, i changed that ages ago. It now goes in your mydocuments folder

    Okay guys, working on an application to port-forward automatically. I will need a few testers before release, to see that it actually works. Anyone interested?

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    I'll help! And where is the configuarble server txt document?
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    Hey i have just used this and it worked a treat. Only thing im now having a problem with is getting the plugins to work. It says theyre installed on the gui but when i do /plugins in game it says i have none. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
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    the config file is called, and it is located inside your craftbukkit folder

    is the operator panel in the same folder as your server?

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    I install your downloader and download everything, but when I try and run it I get this error in the command prompt: Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\ (Where it is saved)
    Press any key to continue

    I tried to intall it again recently and it is still the same error. Idk what to do.
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    you will have to download craftbukkit manually from
    save it as craftbukkit.jar in your server folder then try again
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    Thanks buddy
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    that's okay :)
    Although, the new installer (uploaded 2 hours ago) fixes the failed download issue by giving it a second chance at the end.

    Thanks for offering to help:
    Here's the portforwarder tool, try it and see if your server shows up when you run it at

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    Erm... dont know how to use it :/ Any tutorial?
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    ok, what should i use as the RUN.bat? anything different from what is in the how to install thing?
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    Finally I found someone who helped me , thanks sooooo much ! ! ! ;)
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