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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by BillyGalbreath, Dec 6, 2014.

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    I think its time to make some official IRC channels for Bukkit. The old ones are run by ex-staff that want nothing to do with whats going on with the future of Bukkit anymore. For them, their project is dead and not allowed to continue.

    The wiki still points users to their channels and calls them official, even though they are not owned and operated by official staff anymore. More often than not, their rules and ideals conflict with Curse's rules and ideals, too.

    We all have a 1.8 build of CraftBukkit now, with no official support for it. The people that made it give some support, but are more focused on their end project (which [for some odd reason, still] shall not be named). We can't go to the "official" Bukkit channels because they refuse to acknowledge its existence "There is no Bukkit 1.8" so we're kind of stuck.

    This 1.8 build of CB is more official than all the old builds since they are DMCA'd and cannot be obtained legally anymore.

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  2. BillyGalbreath Bad idea. I strongly contest against the notion of a "1.8 build of CraftBukkit". It's still an unofficial build, and thus should not be supported on any Bukkit channel. This is the whole reason you're bringing this up, after all, because somebody was kicked from the IRC channel for mentioning a channel of a third party build.
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    Actually, no. I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now and see a lot more than kicking for mentioning 3rd party builds... I see a lot of CB 1.8 questions being shunned away, not having anything to do with other channels..

    Like I said, this CB 1.8 build is more official than the old ones since the old ones are unobtainable and illegal to distribute, none of which were built by Curse. Why should Curse support the illegal ones and not this legal 1.8 build?
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    BillyGalbreath I think your using the use of 'official' wrong. The 1.8 build of CB isn't official Bukkit software. Having a copy of a DMCA CraftBukkit build isn't illegal. It is still official and still legally usable to anybody who obtained a copy legally.
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    Conversation with Wolvereness on #BukkitDev about a week ago:
  6. I'd love to hear the justification for how this makes it official.

    So? Curse doesn't make things, but that's not their role. Supporting the CraftBukkit software developed by the Bukkit team was, and to my knowledge still is, the purpose of this site. The creators of the software do not have to be the same people maintaining the site.

    CraftBukkit isn't illegal, it's just illegal to distribute. The legality of Spigot's builds is also disputed, so the future is hardly clear. Support for Spigot's software should naturally be obtained from Spigot themselves. Why some continue to campaign to get support for it here is frankly bewildering and beyond me.
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    AdamQpzm Please see my previous post about the legality of your "official" builds.

    My entire point of "official" is that nothing is official anymore. So why should Curse support the illegal builds and not the legal builds?

    These IRC channels want nothing to do with the continued future of Bukkit, so why does Curse support them as "official" channels?

    The "team" that runs the current channels quit, but they are not letting go of the reigns. This is a community driven project that is being continued legally by the community... Why not support it instead of supporting the ones that are trying to kill the community?
  8. BillyGalbreath I did, didn't see until I'd posted. The rest of my post stands, though.
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    Dinnerbone has founder in both #bukkit and #bukkitdev. Curse has made it clear that they don't just want OP, so if you want the channels to become official, I imagine Curse should contact Dinnerbone/Mojang. If it wasn't for the "staff who are not letting go of the reigns", there'd currently be no moderators for these channels.
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