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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by Jadedcat, Nov 10, 2014.

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    We have had several inquiries lately about the IRC channels #bukkit and #bukkitdev . We do not run those channels nor do we have any control over them. If you need to reach Curse staff the IRC channels are not the place to do so unless you cannot reach the forums at all.

    Forum rules may not apply on the IRC channels. Make sure you are aware of the channel rules and abide by them. If you don't abide by the channel rules, messaging Curse staff will not work for appealing a ban. We do not run or control the IRC channels.

    Again the IRC channels are run by former staff and community volunteers. Current staff do not set the rules cannot help you if you break them.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Thank you for the info! Definitely clears some things up.
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    I would like to note that the best way to get ahold of us is to use the report feature when possible.
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    What if it is not related to the content posted on the forums?
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    That's probably what he means by "when possible." :p
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    I don't really see how that's related to IRC channels, but okay :)
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    There are a lot of users that are having issues on site x and go directly to IRC
  9. If you do not have "any control over them", then why is Kaelten OP in #bukkit? ​
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    So, is the email not active when you banned to appeal like [email protected]? cause i was banned for no reason now unbanned... but i had to make a new account and PM a curse staff.

    *Thanks For Unbanning Me*
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    Having OP in a channel does not give you control. It doesn't even always give you any real permissions.
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    I remember seeing this happen a couple of times.
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    I have Op there which gives me ability to ban/unban people. But I don't have ability to change flags or do other things at this point.
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    Kaelten Er, based on your IRC flags, you have:
    * Ability to kick, ban, unban, kickban
    * Ability to set/remove voice flag
    * Ability to set/remove OP flag
    * Auto-Op
    * Ability to modify channel title
    * Ability to access and modify channel access lists
    * What i assume is ban exempt, might be wrong about this one.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    kookster Because they need a place to host their rules?
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    That's new... I'll double check that later.
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    Well then the page needs to be updated, cause it declares that it is the official bukkit irc but if it is not in the control of bukkit I don't think it should be labeled by bukkit that it is official. Just a thought.
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