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    Plugin category: Admin

    Suggested name: InvisibleWalls

    What I want: With the spawning of the id of "36" It creates a invisible block, I would like that block to act as a solid and you can't go through that block and you can't break the block.

    Ideas for commands: /wall for toggleing breaking the block

    Ideas for permissions: player.wall to allow you to do /wall

    When I'd like it by: ASAP


    There could be permissions but not really needed or just OP's can delete the block with a toggle perhaps, /wall

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    It's not invisible, it's a bed block.
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    isnt it the moving part of a piston?
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    /give name 36 1

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    I don't think it is possible to set a non-solid block as solid however what you can do is everytime you place one you can set that area as no-pass meaning everytime a user goes there you cant move in there... too much trouble I know.

    Just get residence and do /res set <resname> move false and ppl cant move inside :p
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    Or outside :)
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    I make loads of maps and don't intend them to be square maps.. I make maps like terminal and such and making them do that 100000 times is painfull.. but what you said before that " everytime you place one you can set that area as no-pass meaning everytime a user goes there you can't go there"
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    I thought of this a few weeks back, but then I realized that if it was even possible, it would probably break pistons.
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    I'll have a look into this.

    Edit: Its taking me a while, doing some stuff I haven't done with bukkit before. Currently have it so you can place and see the blocks (currently obsidian) when /invblocks is on. When /invblocks is off all of the 'invisible' blocks will turn to air. No player can build in these blocks, (with some buggy exceptions). Currently coding the 'cannot pass' section. This will be interesting.

    Tell me if you like what you see so far. (ignore the 'test' stuff, thats just for making sure things happen).

    [link removed] see below
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    New version found here

    Made it so the block you use is now glass rather than obsidian. If you ran the version about just delete the InvisibleBlocks folder. No permissions set so far. You must be OP to use the command.

    If a player gets close enough to an invisible block, it will now become a visible block of glass, so they cannot get past. This could be used as a wall, or just as a single block to block off a doorway.

    I made some logic so it should handle this properly with multiple players at the same time but I can only test on my own, so that code is untested. If you find any bugs please tell me, I'll try fix them as fast as I can. I will also try to make it so the blocks stay invisible when a player goes nearby, but my initial attempts were very inefficient when it came to larger databases (the more blocks you put down). I might upload it to devbukkit when I get a chance.

    Edit: Bukkit version is currently wait for approval
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    I think you should try Precious Stones
    It allows users to place field blocks which can do anything you like including of course the no player entry you want.
    They can turn it off again by simply picking up the block
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    Thanks that seems awesome!
    Is it possible to make it so the id is 36 (invisible block) and you can place it like a normal block and when you can't break it or go through it?
    Let me test it out I was only saying what I had knew :p

    Actually wow, I just tested it and I have got to admit I'm really impressed, I've not testing it with 2 players so i'll make the map filled with these glasses and see when I've done if it works with 2 players, Thanks again!!

    Yeah can't test with 2 people at the moment, But is still possible to make it so maybe when you do /invwalls, you can see a end portal and placing end portals and when you do /invwalls again it shows it as 36 and make the 36 no access to get through? Just so it's possible with no actual block so then people wouldn't get confused and think the map is messed up with loads of glass randomly appearing when people battle as it's quite big :p
    Actually make it so it's got like the region where you just can't enter that area without the need of 36 like worldguard does but it doesn't need to be a region.
    And just have it so when you do /invwalls you can see the end portals and then do it again and it makes the end portals turns invisible and when a player touches the no entry invisible end portal, it causes a no entry like worldguard does.
    DON'T need any error messages like "You have no entry to go in here" As it may spam :p

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    Would you be willing to share your source code, or help with the Reality Shield plugin?
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    Kingstarwest I'm currently making it so the glass does not appear. In the process of doing this I realised the way it handles multiple people isn't quite right, so I'll be fixing that. I've already added a config file where you can change which block is used as the invisible block but I have not released this yet. I'm thinking about allowing it so ALL blocks can be placed and turned invisible, which could include things like invisible portals. I'll just have to see how I can handle that for now.

    LegoPal92 I looked at the Reality Shield plugin. What it would require isn't quite what I'm doing here. I'm merely hiding the blocks from a player, where reality shield would most likely require a second world. Once I've made some nice progress with this plugin I will likely show some interest with that plugin. I'm willing to explain how I've done things for now. I may share source code down the line, once I'm happier with how everything is programmed.
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    I REALLY want to see the source code for this o_o
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    Okay then thanks :)
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    I found another way that involves making your own block. In that case, it IS completely invisible, and doesn't change lighting.
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    This can be done with bukkit? The way I'm working on now is sending a fake packet to the client, which will make the glass appear as though it is air.
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    can you fake lighting ??? i always wanted light sources that came from a normal block

    Eg Turn a Sandstone into a 15 light source (Paving of ye gods)
    Turn some mossy cobbles into a 4 light source
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    No, lighting is client side :p Get a modded client and sure.
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    I would like to hear more about this. I have tried packet manipulitation and it has not worked for me. It has not even been able to get out of the IDE. I currently use Protocol Lib.
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    You just bumped a thread that hasn't been used for 10 months
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    Something like this doesn't require any special packet manipulation. I made something like this a few weeks ago—there's a link to the source at my post here.
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    Look at Skye's post above as well.
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    Wow, this was a long time ago, thanks for the tag.

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