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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jorrdan, Mar 23, 2011.

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    Usually when i teleport to someone, they are invisible until they relog. Also monsters are sometimes invisible to people. This never happened on 456, but now the latest version seems to do this. Does anyone else have this issue? What causes it? I have installed a lot of plugins since 456, maybe that is why? I hope someone knows.
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    When you teleport the chunk doesnt load your skin because only new chunks load your skin when you teleport. This is minecraft vanilla behavior and its only in notch's hands.
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    I have the same problem, in special after switching from hMod to craftbukkit this week. On hMod it happend from time to time, now it happens almost everytime somone teleports.
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    Also, after my players die their items are invisible when they try to find them. Thanks for the replies guys. I still think it has something to do with bukkit though. Hope its fixed soon, its very annoying!
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    Hehe, thats curious too. On hMod it was more common that items were invisible after death. Now I see them always after death. Here is my plugin list for CraftBukkit 556:
    WorldGuard, WorldEdit
    Minecart Mania core
    help 0.2
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    the 'not seein drops' problem is also an behaviour of vanilla minecraft
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    Ah alright, so lets home all these issues are ironed out in the next update of MC then :/
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    What's the reason behind why this is something only Mojang can fix?

    Asking as I am not very confident Mojang or Notch would care or prioritize this issue very highly since teleporting isn't part of vanilla MC.
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    But i asked already about it and some mods told me it is vanilla behavior!

    EDIT: Its got less to do with porting, it is the chunk which doesnt load your skin then and that is definetly Vanilla behavior!
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    Well, a programmer on my server took a look at it today and found issues related to tracking in entity lists. The Bukkit server is the second server we run actually. And he had already fixed it on our first server, which runs on all custom code, not Bukkit.

    So he made a plugin that seems to be working on a test bukkit server. It intercepts teleport actions and forces updating of the player entity lists. So far not one instance of invisible players after teleporting to already loaded chunks. We are doing broader testing on our live bukkit server now. Hopefully this wider testing will work out well.

    My point above was that this is too gamebreaking, especially for PvP servers, to twiddle our thumbs waiting for Mojang to fix. Our server forums are plagued with invisible player killing complaints atm.
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    I'd be interested in seeing his implementation of that; I'd be happy to help with development and/or testing if desired, and of course this is a *solution* that I'd be interested in as well since I code for a PvP server.

    Let me know. =)
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    Sounds really interesting, this should be implemented in craftbukkit, should not have to be a plugin. Keep us posted! Would be really nice to get a copy of the plugin to try it out :)

    Teleporting is actually a part of mc vanilla! Can be used by SMP OPs to track griefers and stuff like that. But, well... i don't think notch & c/o will fix this before a 3rd party fix is out :)
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    Out of curiousity, is this issue fixed in CB 600+?

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    Don't know about 602. We were on 556.. until today, that is.

    There were a couple things to fix, but it is working.

    The dev was hesitant about releasing it last he talked about that. Will talk to him again.
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    I would love it if someone would release a fix for the invisibility, it is driving me crazy. Invisibility totally ruins PvP on a server where people are teleporting around a lot.
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    This sounds like the holy grail for PvP servers. Any chance we'll ever see a public release of this?
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    No kidding, this invis bug is insufferable.
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    We are also having this issue. We use MyHome and if a player dies in their house to a monster and then they respawn in their house, they are unable to see the monster. It causes a never ending cycle of death because they can't see the invisible monster and die and then respawn... lol. And with iConomy Death they get charged for each death.... :)
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    cb617 broke it. We're updating and testing a new version now. Talked to the dev, and he said he might release it after he figures out a reasonable way to fix another invisible issue. One where players may become invisible after travelling long distances.
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    Sounds good :) This would be a great help to the whole minecraft community i think :)
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    I would also like to add that my server is hit by these issues too. The main problem is when traveling long distances, especially using a rail network. The user will need to relog almost all the time to be able to see the person that arrived from the rail network. We have yet to have used long range TP's but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it would happen with that too. Looking forward to what will come out of this thread!

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    If there is any info anyone has on the nature/circumstances of the "invisible after traveling long distances" bug, that may help. We really haven't begun to work through figuring that out.
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    It seems to happen when using carts at max speed (using minecart mania with autocart, so always at max speed). I can't be certain but I don't think it happens when one arrives on foot. Only with carts at high speed. I would need to test carts at low speed to see if it would change something tho.

    Hope this helps.
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    Heres what I can gather based on what I've seen and heard people say. I don't know how true this is because I've never tested it extensively, but from what I understand when you connect to the server your player data is sent to other players within some distance of you (I've heard 1000 blocks). After this happens, if someone new logs in and they are within 1000 blocks of you or whatever it exchanges data.

    The problem shows up when you log in and then move more than some distance from where you logged in via teleport or just walking. Normally, I guess this isn't a huge problem - players usually tend to stay within a thousand blocks of each other, but on my server (a PVP server) you are encouraged to spread out and with teleports crossing any distance instantly it shows up a lot.

    I tried fixing this by sending the player destroy packet to everyone and then sending the player spawn packet to everyone whenever someone teleports and it seems to help somewhat but it introduces its own bugs (player ghosting etc).

    I'm taking a shot in the dark and guessing that the problem is that when a player logs in the server sets their origin position or something and only sends player data to other players that are within 1000ish blocks. So if you start at 0,0 and run out to 2000,2000 and find someone, you will see them because they are still within whatever distance of their origin, but they won't see you because the server checks from your origin position which is farther than whatever the cutoff is. I don't have a clue about the real inner workings of minecraft and I could be way off so take my wild guess with a grain of salt.
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    Ok that's something to work from, thank you!

    And teleport functions seem to have been changed significantly with 617; haven't figured out how to make TP-invis work again yet.

    However, we did get a command working that is avail for those in ops.txt that refreshes the player entity lists server wide. Thereby making anyone on the server who is invisible, visible again.
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    I would not at all be surprised to see this be the issue. I've seen plugins play with the list to actually make players appear invisible.
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    Hey, thats great! Couldn't you just shove it on a timer and have it run every 10 seconds or somesuch? Wouldn't be perfect, but it would be a good enough bandaid until Mojang fixes the issue properly.
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