Invisible Body Parts

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Bling007, Mar 27, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Not sure

    Minecraft version: 1.8.9

    Suggested name: Bodyparts

    What I want: Hi, I saw a video on Skeppys channel that he could do (CMD1) etc, Im a newbie developer and can't do it myself so wondered if any of you big brains could this, i'd love you forever. You can see a live demo on "Skeppy"s channel, the video was posted on the 26th March and the title is "The invisible Minecraft body troll"! Love you always xoxo, Bling007


    It basically just makes the bodypart you choose, invisible.

    Ideas for commands: (CMD1) /editmodel (username) hide/show left_arm/other-parts

    Ideas for permissions: & bodyparts.hide

    When I'd like it by: It's free, so... soon hopefully.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Bling007 Please post the video as well, nobody is gonna search for it.
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    (Will edit the post too!)
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    Is this gonna be released? it's an awesome troll for my server!
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    I never knew this was possible till I saw that video a while back
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    I am going to say that this is not possible without a mod (or at the very least maybe a resource pack, but I doubt that) .
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    I doubt Skeppy would convince BadBoyHalo to install a random mod that hides body parts, unless his video was staged and they did actually use mods...
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    If you go to 4 minutes and 6 seconds into that video, you can see that he uses forge with 8 mods loaded. Also, Skeppy has made video's before where he 'trolls' other players with mods.
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    I think this isn't a mod, Spifey gives people renamed mods & they are always Skeptical, I am 100% sure this video isnt staged, & nobody asked about a mod in the video...

    Skeppy uses forge & I think the mods are probably fps mods, optifine (I know he used optifine), & maybe animations... I had a lot of mods too when I used forge so I don't blame him.

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    Maybe its not staged maybe it is. This might be possible if you could somehow modify packets, like you can for some vanish plugins, sent to other clients but still I am not sure how you would approach making only specific parts of a player invisble. At least in plugin form
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    Skeppy also uses 1.8 so this has to be a mod. It MAY be possible with a resource pack in 1.15 (though I highly doubt it)
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    Yep don't think it's possible either. Theoretically you *could* set a certain part of a skin to be invisible but as said, not possible. In Bukkit OR Spigot I doubt you can select a certain part of a skin. You can change it, but even if you were to find a skin without part of your own skin it would be black or white.
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