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    Can anyone make this to a plugin?

    When making an area in the world that should act like this it could bee configurable so we can configure the view distance and who can go there and who just fell thru. Some areas have to be entered with a invisible potion to be able to interact with the stuff and walk on the ghost blocks or they fall thru, when someone's invisibe potion's time is up it will be removed after they go out of the area. As long they are inside of the area they're invisible and can interact with the stuff there.

    The commands can be "/invi <region name>" to add/remove blocks from a region, "/invi <region name> <flag/delete/info> <invipotion/viewdist/blacklist/whitelist/enter/rem> <#/false/deny/name>". Rem means how many blocks behind you should not go away, If rem is 3 and view is 3 a 3x3 area arround you will be shown at all times and 3 blocks outside of the radius will be remembered and be removed when you walk away from them. Invipotion means you have to use a invisbility potion to see/go on the blocks in the region, viewdist mean how far can you see in the region, blacklist means not let the players that was entered after blacklist enter the region, instead fall straight thru, whitelist means disabling the blacklist flag and do the same as blacklist but reverse only let people on the list to walk on the region, enter means the player that is blacklisted go thru the blocks or wont acces the region and just be teleported back and take 0,5 heart damage or just fall thru the blocks. if you switch "name" out with a player they will be black/white listed. delete will remove the region and info will show information about the region. When someone use "/invi view <number>" if they have the permission node they can change their own viewdistance, set a # to see all available viewdistance, to reset it write "0" (only affect the region you are inside). Add more if you want.

    The permission nodes can be:
    invisiblewalls.create [let anyone who have this create a region]
    invisiblewalls.flag.* [let anyone who have this edit all flags on any region. change "*" with a flag to only let them change that flag type and no other flags]
    invisiblewalls.delete [can delete any regions]
    invisiblewalls.enter.* [overide the enter flag so they can go anywhere. change "*" to a region name to let them go where other can't for example as an permission ladder where a player have to earn a certain rank to reach next level]
    invisiblewalls.viewdist.# [change "#" to a number to lock hes/her viedistance or remove ".#" at the end to let them manually change it. If more of those is detected for example 3 5 and 9 they can only change the distance to 3 5 and 9]
    invisiblewalls.deny [this bans a player from using the plugin at all. If they have this they wont be able to enter any regions or use any of the /invi commands]
    invisiblewalls.overide [default: OP, This node will let anyone who have this use all the commands without limits]

    When i want it: take your time

    EDIT: Added rem flag to the description.
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    If you really want it, you can do it without plugins
    1.8: use barrier
    1.7.X: watch Youtube Tutorial :
    Minecraft|Tutorial - How to create invisible/ghost blocks | [1.7]
    Created / Uploaded by Krypsis
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @ForcelydatedT This isn't barrier or invisible block related.
    The video the OP posted is using commandblocks with a clone command if I recall correctly.
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    A friend once created a barrier block of a sort, it seems if you use World Edit to create a chest that is connected and larger than 2, it would render it all invisible except the end.

    (I) = invisible block
    X = chest
    A = Air

    Normal: XX XX //Two double chests next to each other
    Next: (I)(I)(I)(I)(I) XX Basically it would create 5 invisible blocks that are solid but you would still see a chest at the end.

    If this doesn't make sense I will hop on MC and create an example with screens.
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    so far only timtower understand me. why no one read?

    i know that but not what i ment

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