InventoryLargeChest Cast to Inventory?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by WMisiedjan, Feb 28, 2011.

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    For some case (VirtualChests), I'm using this method:

    As end result you end up with an InventoryLargeChest.

    I want to make that a Inventory, so it's easier to code with.

    When I cast it I get this error:
    20:11:03 [SEVERE] java.lang.ClassCastException: net.minecraft.server.InventoryLargeChest cannot be cast to org.bukkit.inventory.Inventory

    Does someone know's a way to get this working?

    Or can someone explain how I can add/remove items from an InventoryLargeChest?
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    Use the InventoryLargeChest to create a CraftInventory, then cast the CraftInventory to inventory.

    But that's a terrible, terrible way to do it. MM has fully written, extensible, and easy to use Inventory interface - that you can just ... borrow.
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    You give me permissions for that? Because no source code is included in jar.
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    MM is licensed CC 3.0. It's a pretty noob-friendly license:

    There is a link to the source here:

    Of course, the lazy mans route is simply to make MM a dependency and just use it as a library, instead of cutting and pasting source, but what you do it up to you!
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    Thanks! I'll think I go with the Terrible way to do it. Because I don't really get Interfaces yet. And if I gonna use a interface, I need to like create custom methods right?
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    Well, you don't need to understand interfaces, it comes with an API. You could add Minecart Mania as a library (like you added Bukkit as a library), and then do this:

    MinecartManiaChest chest = MinecartManiaWorld.getMinecartManiaChestAt(someChest);

    It will add an to the single chest if there is room, and add it to the other neighbor chest if it's a double chest.
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    The problem is that those chest doesn't exists in the world. As mentioned before, They are Virtual.
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