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    Iam looking for a Plugin wich can Manage the Inventory of Players through a mySQL Database.

    I want to use it for integration in the Website of my Server, for things like Quests, WebAuctionHouse, Player2Player Trading.

    So it should be able to reload the Inventory of a Player on demand.

    I looked into thes plugins already:
    Wich just doesnt work for me. And it appears to not really support modification to the SQL tables.
    It doesnt save all the ItemData, and doenst have a way to reload the Inventory other than switching back ingame.

    Would be cool if someone knew a Plugin wich suits my needs better than those two. Something like this:
    Wich with the Description would fit my needs like a glove. But the Plugin and the Dev wasnt updated or seen since almost a year.

    I would be also happy with a Plugin wich can Check the Players Inventory for a Specific Item, and removes/add those Items (with a Check if the Inventory is full, and maybe a custom comand if it fails due to full inventory)
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    Sounds like an awesome idea. Wish I had the time to develop it. :)
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    I dont want to start a new Topic, so I just Edit this one a bit/add alternative request, as the request is rather complex (As I think its not that Easy to store all the NBT Values Items can have in a SQL database).

    I would like a Plugin wich can just Take specific Items, and give Specific items to a players Inventory per consolecomand.
    It doesnt need to work when the Player is Offline, or support NBT-Tags just DataValues and DamageValues.
    Permissions would be nice, but can default to OP or just Console.

    Command structur could bee something like:
    /comand [TargetPlayer] [ItemID]:[DamageValue] [Amount]

    Maybe a check if the player has the Desired amount of Items, but thats optional as I can check those otherweise.
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    Do you intend to do the rest? You should post the database structure you have in mind.
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    I dont have any particular Structure in mind, I´ll work around whatever I find/get.
    So, as long as the Database is Readable/Editable somehow and I can syncronize the Inventory on a console comand I am happy.

    I am no Programmer, (Just to that extend that I get a working Website and some PHP scripts done, as that is easy) so i let the programming relevant things to the people who actually understand what they are doing.
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    LanToaster you said "InventorySQL" does not work for you. What is the problem?
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    Ufff, that was some time Ago.
    But I think i recall, that i didnt even get it to work at all.
    But right now, I use a work around, and store some values from the Player Inventory with PHP and Websend in my Database. There are still some minor Glitches left, but nothing serious. :)
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    Well, i was working on item storage by myself and as you said that you would like to have a readable storage field. Just was curious why this is something you needed as you can read binary fields from php too.
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    Iam not a professional Programmer, so my Skill is THAT low. :) I am glad everything works on my Web Page.

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