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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Feb 20, 2011.

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    With the recent move to, we're happy to announce a change to our building system that people have been wanting for a while now: recommended builds. The way the new system will work is that every week or so we'll be picking a CraftBukkit build and marking it as recommended so that plugin developers have an idea of what build they should be up to date with.

    Recommended versions will be what we consider a "stable" revision of CraftBukkit. This means that we expect plugin developers to support the latest Recommended version at the very least. Plugin developers then also have the option of developing and releasing for the latest builds to help us test and mold the API, but we cannot guarantee any form of stability with development builds.

    Since we only just recently deployed the Recommended builds system, things will not work as we planned: it is highly likely plugin developers will not be caught up for a few days but we hope this change will provide our community with a more stable "release" cycle to work with.

    The latest recommended build can always be found here:

    With this link always pointing to the latest Recommended build download:

    And here's an RSS feed for the Recommended Builds system that you can subscribe to for notifications:

    At the moment we have chosen to keep development builds available to the general public, but this may be changing in the future.
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    New Recommended Build: #766

    This build contains no API breaks, so plugins should work fine. But please backup your server before updating, as usual.

    Notable changes include:
    • Fixed crash when paintings are struck by lightning.
    • Added support for custom recipes to the API.
    • Added per world PVP setting support.
    • Added support to control snow forming by weather.
    • Added support for wolves to the API.
    • Fixed 'Entity is already tracked' issues that would freeze the server.
    • Made teleporting between worlds 'smoother'.
    • Fixed a chunk loss bug that sometimes occured when teleporting under certain conditions.
    • Added an update on load feature for plugins (see below for more information).
    • Added support for dispensers to the API.
    • Made the movement speed more reliable on high load servers.
    Update on Load:
    This RB contains a new feature that allows you to easily update plugins without running into 'in use' issues. This is mainly useful on Windows, but can be used on any OS.

    Any files placed in the configurable update folder are automatically copied into the plugins directory the next time a reload happens, provided a plugin with the same jar name is already running on the server. This allows for safe updating of the plugin .jar files. The name of the update folder is configurable through bukkit.yml, but is called 'update' by default. We do not make this folder for you. If you want to use this functionality, you need to create the appropriate folder within your plugins/ directory.

    Updating is highly recommended due to the stability fixes available.
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    #766 is completely broken for Linux Ubuntu 11.04.
    Can't run the server anymore.

    Does #766 require a new sh file? Or is this just a untested bug?

    It returns: "Invalid or corrupt jarfile MCServer.jar" when I run it from a console (instead of excecuting the sh file).
    Hoping for a fix, thanks.

    Btw, good to see a new update, been waiting for it sometime! :)

    MCServer.jar happens to be CraftBukkit.
    I have a strong feeling that the jar file is corrupt. The header seems to be invalid. Please compile again..?
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    I just tried it, seems to work in Fedora 14. The jar file does not seem to be corrupt. Are you sure you downloaded file correctly?
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    When/how do reloads happen?
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    When you /reload in game, or type reload into console, as per usual.
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    Oh yes, I download the recommanded build without any fuss.. :)
    Now it suddenly worked, it's still quite odd.. :D
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    What is actually causing the sudden increase in size of the Bukkit server? It's now over 7 MB. It used to be a little over 1 MB.
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    Built-in persistence engine.
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    I think that's the support for persistance and including SQLite or so?

    I'm pretty confused about that stuff. Both from the point of a plugin developer as a server admin.
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    Yep. It's pretty cool once you get the hang of it. Using it in MM now.
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    Just so I don't mess anything up, how do I download the latest version? Like, I know how to literally download it, but do I have to wait until all my plugins are updated to the newest bukkit version?
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    @Afforess and @ArmEagle

    gotta be some real advanced stuff for just that. I hope it doesn't slow down Bukkit too much. It needs lots of ram already. I'm just baffled about the size (almost 7 times it's original size!? really?).

    I was just like wow...
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    good stuff.
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    Just testing some permissions =)
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    New Recommended Build: #798

    This build contains no API breaks, so plugins should work fine. But please backup your server before updating, as usual.

    Notable changes include:
    Cleaned up left over debug messages that were spamming consoles under certain conditions.
    Improved Pig API and made other various API improvements.
    Improved server security.
    Improved plugin handling (provides stability improvements).
    Disabled plugins now show up in the plugins list in red.
    Fixed a bug that prevented signs (and other tile entities) from being updated under certain conditions.
    Fixed a bug where trees were invisible under certain circumstances.
    Made player data save only when it should.
    Made save-all force saving like it says it does (see below for an explanation).
    Fixed an issue where an NPC with a name longer than 16 characters would crash the client.
    Fixed issues with redstone updating under certain circumstances.
    Added an easy way to revert back to the vanilla console (-nojline - see below for an explanation).
    Made the 'moved too quickly' check account for time drifting backwards.

    save-all changes:
    Before this change, the Minecraft server would refuse to save anything on the server if you had previously used 'save-off'. Since the server displays a message that says 'Forcing save.." regardless of if you have saving turned on or off, we felt this was misleading and decided to change the behaviour based on community demand.

    Now, if you have previously used save-off since you turned on the server and you use save-all, the server will force saving to be turned on, save the world and player data, then turn saving back off. If you use save-all while saving is on, the behaviour hasn't changed.

    JLine disabling:
    With this Recommended Build we've added an easy way to disable the 'enhanced' console we added. Simply add -nojline to your launch command and it will revert back to the original Minecraft console.

    For example:
    java -Xincgc -Xmx1G -jar craftbukkit.jar -nojline

    Technical details:
    -nojline disables JLine, removes the '>', sets the timestamp to vanilla's and sets the language to English.

    -Djline.terminal=jline.UnsupportedTerminal disables JLine and removes the '>'.

    Once again, I'd like to inform people that we are still looking into other issues people have reported but we've fixed whatever we could trace down in this RB. Since we're unable to reproduce reported issues ourselves, it makes things very difficult to trace down and fix, but we are still trying!
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    I love the alert! :D
    Keep up the great work, here's to getting to build 900 and beyond! :D

    Hopefully MC 1.6 that is coming out this coming week doesn't set you guys back too far.
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    Please report any and all issues you may find on the RB 798 with as much information as possible in the appropriate forum.
    Thanks and have a scien-tastic day.
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    Voxel Box

    Nice, thanks, as always, friends.
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    Thank you, we love you!
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    This is very useful thanks !
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    New Recommended Build #803.

    This Recommended Build addresses a few issues we noticed with the last RB, #798, and does not contain any API breakages, so plugins should already work fine. But please backup your server before updating, as usual.

    These issues include:
    • Fixed animals not spawning when spawn-monsters is set to false, after a /reload.
    • Fixed command priorities and aliases bug that accidentally allowed plugins to override already registered commands.
    • Fixed duplicate messages when console commands or invalid commands are used.
    • Made error handling during plugin disabling more robust.
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    WIP 2.0.0 works fine with #803.
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    Do not know where to write, but still the same problem with "Craftbukkit #803"
    It is necessary to plug iConomy, when you write the command / money shows the amount of money and lower the error, there is no such command.

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    Nice fixes, as always! :)

    What about showing us the server.log? :D
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    In the log is empty..
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    Noticed from quite some builds ago.. if I type "/me something" it does indeed show "* AreLam something", but also "unknown console command".

    Just saying..
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    Are you 100% sure you opened "server.log" and not "server.lock"?
  30. On some operating systems, the file caching may prevent the log file from being written to the hard drive until the file handle is closed (which, being a log, happens when the program exits).
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    Just tested a bit more, the "unknown console command" only appears if you are OP.
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