Introducing BukkitDev, a new service by Bukkit and Curse!

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    BukkitDev is the missing link in the project management chain prevalent in the Minecraft community. The popular solution of making use of forum software - something designed specifically for single-threaded discussion - leaves developers painfully scavenging through threads made up of hundreds of pages simply to get to that one bug report you finally addressed. It is all very tedious and time-consuming; time lost that could be better spent doing what you love - bringing to life those mad, awesome ideas you have running around in your head. With BukkitDev, each project has their own mini-community and tools that developers are free to moderate and make use of; per-project issue trackers and forums are just a few of the advantages BukkitDev has over using a traditional forum based solution.

    As detailed below, BukkitDev provides you with a complete project management solution that makes maintaining and updating your project a breeze. While many of the things BukkitDev has to offer were what we planned Fill to eventually be, there is no way we would be able to achieve the level of maturity and polish that BukkitDev currently has without the support and backing we now have from Curse. Moving forward, with the support of Curse, we are able to provide the community with some much-needed resources and support that we simply could not do alone. Thanks to Curse's support, we can now confidently provide stable, long lasting download hosting to every project within the community and since this takes advantage of the extensive and powerful distribution platform, the reach and exposure your projects have will increase significantly. Since BukkitDev makes use of the platform, your Bukkit community accounts won't work - you will have to use Curse accounts instead.

    The Bukkit Project has been about giving the community what they need from day one and with Curse backing the project, we're now provided with a unique opportunity to make that happen. With the help of Curse we've been in active discussion and working closely with Mojang to help them with testing and provide us with the ability to have updates ready shortly after a Minecraft update goes live, reducing the amount of downtime the community run servers face to virtually no time at all, allowing you to experience the full update in your own time and not ours.

    Looking toward the future, the Bukkit Project hopes to work with Mojang and Curse to continue to provide the Minecraft community with the tools they need to continue to make magic happen. As a first step, we're offering the BukkitDev service to client modders to help manage and promote their project just as efficiently as server modders can. We hope to expand this service in the future by exploring the possibility of providing a central client mod base with the cooperation and support of Mojang.

    Presentable project page:

    Issue Tracker:

    Per-project forums and pages:

    Other improvements over our current implementation for plugin releases:
    • Multiple authors per project with permissions handling (for example, you can have a Project Manager, Project Owner, Documenter, Translator, etc).
    • Per-project subscriptions so people interested in your project can follow its progress.
    • Curse provided hosting for your downloads
    • Extra exposure through, a high traffic content hub for Minecraft, as well as other games.
    While it is still a little rough on the edges, both Curse and Bukkit are committed to providing the Minecraft community with the best solution we can offer developers to make sharing, managing and supporting their projects as smooth as possible. Please feel free to get your project up and running on BukkitDev ( and let us know what you think of the new system (please report issues you have with the site here:!

    If all goes well, we hope to have this new site up and running in place of the unwieldy forum solution we currently employ as soon as possible. Once the majority of the active projects within the community have moved over, we'll be pushing towards phasing out our temporary forum solution.
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    I had to use an insecure browser to sign up, and they think "7eggert" should be an invalid username.

    Unless both issues are fixed, I will not use
  3. Seriously?

    The 'get plugins' link now forces everyone to look at bukkit dev, and there is no way (that I can find) that makes sorting by bukkit build number possible? The original search would let me put the build number, say 1060, in the search string and return only those that were known to be updated to work with that build (assuming the title was updated) as well as being able to read the thread for the plugin.

    Now, however, one has to check each plugin to see if it's known to work with build $FOO, assuming that it's even listed, there isn't any links to any type of forum discussion for the plugin, and it ignores any plugin that has not moved to bukkit dev.

    Just wow.

    If I'm incorrect on these observations, please let me know. But as I see it right now, this makes my life as a server admin/owner a lot harder and snarky comments about forcing this generally unpopular move down the collective necks of the community keep coming to mind (I'm calling it 'generally unpopular' as the way I see it, if it was generally considered to be a really good idea, forcing everyone to use it wouldn't be necessary). A Big Link(tm) pointing it out on the 'get plugins' search page would have allowed for an easier transition as well as making it a lot less jarring and disruptive.
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    My project has no files. I try to upload the file.
    "This file has already been uploaded. Please do not upload a file more than once."
    I would prefer to not have to rename the file (and therefore have people downloading a misnamed file). WTF.
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    I have to say I'm amongst those that aren't happy. I too use the build number when I search. I like to try new pluggins - but don't want to bother if I don't know that they at least *should* work on my server.

    Having been a developer on major project, I understand the need to be able to respond easily to problems. But I also appreciated the uniform format of the pluggin posts. It was much easier to find out if a pluggin will fit with what I have going on my server.

    I know... patience... but atm... ugh...

    btw: I'm Namastelh on curse... this is going to get confusing... lol
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    Each File has to be approved by an administrator/moderator after uploading. Until it has been approved it will not be visible to the public. The likelihood is the file was not approved at the time of you checking the files page, if it's still not appearing then can you send me a link to the project as there are no files waiting to be approved.

    You cannot upload a file which has the same MD5 Hash as another (duplicate file names don't matter), this basically performs a check to see if the file already exists on the system regardless of the file name. This is a nifty feature as it prevents the hosting of duplicate files however it is proving to be a pain as it checks against 'deleted' files as well.
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    Why would it check against deleted files? Deleted is deleted, you could also delete it from database, i guess.
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    Currently there are no set standards for how a projects layout and content should be. We're looking into this.

    Regarding the build number, this has been noted down and passed on as this is something I personally see as a crucial part of the Bukkit plugins. People NEED to know whether the mod they're looking at requires Bukkit and whether it will work with their version of Bukkit. Some authors for now have kept the build number in their project title however not many.

    I personally don't know, I was under the impression it was a 'soft delete' so it is removed from the public view but would allow the author to 'undelete' to display it again. However this doesn't seem to be the case, we'll look into it as handling files for your project should be an easy task and not something you worry about.

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    and people are ok with this?

    to the bukkit team:
    put a vote on the main page, let the community decide if this is what we want or if we want to go back to the old far better way. make it only open to people that have had an account for more then a month so the results aint skewed by fake accounts. If the majority vote in favour of bukkitdev then well the majority will of spoken but if they vote in favour of the old method then please go back to it. Cant say fairer then that, democracy at work.
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    Finally someone from the team that actually responds to anything. Good job @Rigby90.
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    oh and remember when Curse was down for like 20 days for LulZ

    oh well at least the new list is getting populated pretty fast, but i cannot find the old mods
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    Edit: My complaining wont change anything >.>
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Yes. EDIT: Whoops, sorry, I read "minecraft forum" there for some reason. You can't use your minecraft wiki account, but you can use your minecraft forum account if you have one.

    There's a commenting facility on each plugin's page, where newest comments are displayed first, so that's one way to check (though those comments can be disabled). Another is if the plugin has its own forum.

    I'm really not sure why you think this is a democracy, but the new system is far better than the old; the only issue is that the transition may have been forced a little too quickly (eg the old plugins search should not have been changed to search only
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    I know this post will be completely ignore by everyone and anyone in/on the Bukkit Team. But this new Dev Page is not for release in my opinion. Many of the plugin pages are incomplete. Take CraftBook for example......... there's no download button........

    I've always held bukkit in high regards, but this........ makes me QQ :(
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    For crying out loud, stop updating if you're going to cause other users problems. First lame update made internet explorer unusable, I freaking hate foxfire and you guys force me to use this garbage browser. Next, you add these new features which aren't even so great and now most popular plugins are missing from the list. Thinking about giving up on bukkit, it's causing more problems than mineshafter.
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    Forgive me for pointing this out: Internet Explorer is old and decrepit, and if better, free alternatives exist, you should get used to them. Chrome and Firefox are perfectly fine and stable, and Firefox can even be themed to look exactly like IE (if you so desire).
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    Old? Actually the new internet explorer is great, far better than anything else I've seen. Yes, the older versions of it weren't so great but now I feel internet explorer 9 is definitely in the lead. While there may be free alternatives, it shouldn't be up to anyone to tell me what internet browser I must use. I'm not looking for a clone nor a different browser, bukkit used to support internet explorer and now it doesn't. So seriously, what's their problem? Just wasting my time and space on my computer.
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    It's not a matter of what you like, it's a matter of what it supports as far as standards go.

    XenForo, this theme, and BukkitDev rely on browser standards that IE has yet to support fully, and even then its rendering engine is dated and quirky. You don't write "chrome hacks" or "Firefox hacks," you write IE hacks, because IE is the only browser with the development team that's too stubborn to fix obvious rendering issues.
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    The search doesnt work, and 80% of my plugins arent on bukkitdev, so thanks. All my plugins wont be findable/updateable/fixable for the next 6 months, and i wont even be able to get a simple /rules plugin. that and search takes about 10 minutes to search through plugins till it finds nothing. THANKS.

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    If it has its own forum? So we just sort of assume every plugin is great unless we see some tickets or not-deleted-comments in a box saying otherwise?

    This reminds me of that one time, a few weeks ago, when they released "official permissions" and (seemingly) didn't consult most of the devs first, only here they didn't consult the actual user base. But same thing: "Here ya go, guys! It's new! It's better! Wait, what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

    I have no doubt the new system has some awesome features for devs. I just wonder why we keep overlooking giant parts of the overall picture when doing these overhauls.

    If you're not already doing this, is it possible we can prioritize some kind of 'dashboard' for users so they can keep good watch on updates for all of their existing plugins/favorites? This would replace part of what pages 1-~10 of the released forum index did for me. The other part was looking at new plugins, and I guess I can use the new plugin listing for that. I'm still a bit perplexed about why each project page couldn't have been assigned a static forum thread that people could still use, with links back and forth to/from the project page. Less communication is not better for users. Pushing our existing per-plugin, easy-to-use communication into little ticket or comment boxes doesn't sound better either. But maybe I'm still misunderstanding something critical here.
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    Don Redhorse

    AFAIK you can do that already.. BUT.. trust me NOBODY.. ok exergerated (?).. will want to create account in 20 different places to post questions concerning a plugin ..

    I think with some getting used to we will all can give better feedback and can get used to it.

    I would assume that developers keep on posting in HERE for updates to their plugins etc but that only them could post here, so that discussions etc would be directed to dev.bukkit.
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    sorry im a dumbass, but what the %&* is a ticket?
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    I haven't looked at them, but isn't it some form of error reporting system?
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    Erreur 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) : Serveur introuvable

    Chrome return me this error many time i try to connect

    No way to access to plugin :/
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    It might be down for maintenance be patient.
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    Someone should fork bukkit and than not sell out to curse, or maybe I'll just go vanilla with a whitelist when 1.8 comes out.
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    Bukkit has so much more to offer than vanilla does. Even with Curse.
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    Anyone able to find the NoCheat plugin forum page (the old one)? I repeat, at THIS MOMENT in time, the is HORRIBLE.

    Please FIX IT or give us Server Admins an alternative.

    Oh I agree, if Only Server Admins were able to download the plugins needed to manage a CraftBukkit Server.......

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    The question is: Why is there new feature used? Is there a compelling reason, like being the only way to support a cool new feature? I don't think so.

    The next question is: How is the new feature used? Each new feature is designed so providing fallback is very easy. Even a text-mode non-CSS browser SHOULD be able to handle your website, unless it involves displaying images, videos or music where an alternative text description does not suffice. If not, it's the HTML author's fault.

    MD5 is a bad choice, since at 2^32 files, the chance of having a pair with the same hash will be 50 %.

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    That's how plugin devs will track issues I suppose.

    What did Curse get out of it, anyway? Are we going to have ads soon? I don't see how that won't be the case or how else they could profit off of having this community in their circle. Unless they did it to be nice :D
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