Introducing BukkitDev, a new service by Bukkit and Curse!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Aug 24, 2011.

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    BukkitDev is the missing link in the project management chain prevalent in the Minecraft community. The popular solution of making use of forum software - something designed specifically for single-threaded discussion - leaves developers painfully scavenging through threads made up of hundreds of pages simply to get to that one bug report you finally addressed. It is all very tedious and time-consuming; time lost that could be better spent doing what you love - bringing to life those mad, awesome ideas you have running around in your head. With BukkitDev, each project has their own mini-community and tools that developers are free to moderate and make use of; per-project issue trackers and forums are just a few of the advantages BukkitDev has over using a traditional forum based solution.

    As detailed below, BukkitDev provides you with a complete project management solution that makes maintaining and updating your project a breeze. While many of the things BukkitDev has to offer were what we planned Fill to eventually be, there is no way we would be able to achieve the level of maturity and polish that BukkitDev currently has without the support and backing we now have from Curse. Moving forward, with the support of Curse, we are able to provide the community with some much-needed resources and support that we simply could not do alone. Thanks to Curse's support, we can now confidently provide stable, long lasting download hosting to every project within the community and since this takes advantage of the extensive and powerful distribution platform, the reach and exposure your projects have will increase significantly. Since BukkitDev makes use of the platform, your Bukkit community accounts won't work - you will have to use Curse accounts instead.

    The Bukkit Project has been about giving the community what they need from day one and with Curse backing the project, we're now provided with a unique opportunity to make that happen. With the help of Curse we've been in active discussion and working closely with Mojang to help them with testing and provide us with the ability to have updates ready shortly after a Minecraft update goes live, reducing the amount of downtime the community run servers face to virtually no time at all, allowing you to experience the full update in your own time and not ours.

    Looking toward the future, the Bukkit Project hopes to work with Mojang and Curse to continue to provide the Minecraft community with the tools they need to continue to make magic happen. As a first step, we're offering the BukkitDev service to client modders to help manage and promote their project just as efficiently as server modders can. We hope to expand this service in the future by exploring the possibility of providing a central client mod base with the cooperation and support of Mojang.

    Presentable project page:

    Issue Tracker:

    Per-project forums and pages:

    Other improvements over our current implementation for plugin releases:
    • Multiple authors per project with permissions handling (for example, you can have a Project Manager, Project Owner, Documenter, Translator, etc).
    • Per-project subscriptions so people interested in your project can follow its progress.
    • Curse provided hosting for your downloads
    • Extra exposure through, a high traffic content hub for Minecraft, as well as other games.
    While it is still a little rough on the edges, both Curse and Bukkit are committed to providing the Minecraft community with the best solution we can offer developers to make sharing, managing and supporting their projects as smooth as possible. Please feel free to get your project up and running on BukkitDev ( and let us know what you think of the new system (please report issues you have with the site here:!

    If all goes well, we hope to have this new site up and running in place of the unwieldy forum solution we currently employ as soon as possible. Once the majority of the active projects within the community have moved over, we'll be pushing towards phasing out our temporary forum solution.
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    I've had it take as long as a couple of days. :) Patience, my friend.
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    Ahh, okay. It was just bothering me seeing plugins that were made (According to the pages on BukkitDev) ~15mins ago start showing up while mine has been waiting for 8 hours. Either way I just have to keep waiting :)
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    That doesn't mean they were accepted then. They can edit a few things and it'll update the time.
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    Project name?

    There's an approval queue which we go through and some are easy to verify and some are not. So it could be a quick approval or it could take a while.
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    It's called SunBurn, but if it's not that high up in the queue just take your time. I'm not trying to get ahead of anyone, I just want an update on where it is in terms of being approved.

    Edit: It seems it has been approved, sorry for any inconveniences I may have caused.
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    We can't publish releases as tarballs?
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    Out of curiosity, is there any reason why the Bukkit team didn't fully test out dev.bukkit with their own projects before opening it up to everyone? It seems like PermissionsBukkit, CraftBukkit, and Bukkit all should have been fully integrated into the site to show off it's features before this was opened to us, or at least given pages to show the kinds of things it's intended to do.

    Is this something that could be done? If you guys don't intend to setup the issue tracker/management for your own bukkit project on this site then it makes me start to doubt why this was pushed for us. If you don't even use your own project setup that you're asking other people to use it sends very mixed messages, along with raises a whole lot of questions about why it was even done in the first place.
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    I can only speak for myself here. But I've been at this for the past month testing the features and reporting any problems encountered along with the others.

    I'm in no place to answer as to why Bukkit and CraftBukkit are not listed on the site however PermissionsBukkit is listed on their because that is SpaceManiacs plugin.

    You should be able to upload whatever files you want for approval, it is then up to a moderator to approve the file as to whether it will appear publicly or not.

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    Mm ok! I see PermissionsBukkit, but it doesn't really do anything to show off the new system, not even a download on it ;-/
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    I've uploaded a plugin about 4 hours ago and it still hasn't been approved. The reason I am asking about it here is that other plugins have been approved since I made the submission. What sort of things do you need to verify?
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    Less lazy staff.

    Nah in all honesty every ones submitting at the same time and as I stated about some projects require slightly more time to authenticate because it's all done manually. We need to make sure that the person submitting is the actual owner of the current project on the forums etc...

    I assume you're on about DimensionDoor, if so I was just about to look at it.
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    Yeah and the rest of them. I suppose I have made your life slightly easier in that I have the same name on both sites luckily.

    @Rigby90 It is now saying there are no files uploaded for DimensionDoor when there is a file in the list. Do those have to be approved individually as well?

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    Ok all your projects have been approved as well as the files.

    Yup Projects and Files need approving individually.

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    Another thing I am curious about, what exactly is going to happen to the current "Get Plugins" option linking to the forum threads? Are BukkitDev projects going to be integrated into that, or is everything eventually going to be moved over to BukkitDev making it the only option?
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    when i submitted my plugin nothing seemed to happen, is that normal? (the page just reloaded...)
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    Yeah, it must still be approved manually.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    @Kostronor @snowleo – You can link to github.

    @Metalmeerkat – If you mean .tar, there's no reason to want to do that. If you mean .tar.gz, then I'd agree that it should be allowed.
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    Yeah, tar.gz . But .zip is allowed.:confused:
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    My first impression was "yay, new and shiny!" Past that, it seems like a fix of what ain't broke.
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    I'm just wondering, once a file is approved, and the author reuploads it, does it need to reapproved? If so, that sucks for Devs, in terms of silent bug fixing. And is no-one listening to people about a field for Bukkit build supported and Plugin Version? Also, shouldnt curse allow the plugin devs to keep their name on their network? I find it rude that alot of extremely well known plugin authors who are known by their name may loose it.
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    File Approval -

    Yes every file uploaded to a project needs to be approved, unless it is an image file in which case it gets uploaded to the images section. This is a Curse policy.

    Regarding Versions -

    There is a 'Game Version' field however this will likely be used for the Minecraft version as the site accepts non-Bukkit Client & Server mods. I'm hoping a field for the Bukkit Recommended builds will be implemented soonish as it is necessary for Bukkit Plugins.

    And lastly Usernames -

    I agree it is frustrating not being able to have your own name, however the system is based on CurseForge and therefore requires a Curse login. Curse has been around for many years so the chances are some people will have their names taken, and 'NO' Curse won't be going around freeing up those names for 'well known' plugin developers within this community.
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    Soooooooo . . . we just need a way to store and extract compressed release files from images, and we'll be fine? :p

    On a serious note, I'm perfectly fine with the transitioning to bukkitdev (heh, my username was free :D), but . . . every update needs approval? IMO that seems it's going to push devs to use workarounds to push releases. Like links and external hosting. And forum update threads. Which seems fairly similar to the old system.
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    Very Nice!
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    The launch of BukkitDev is just the beginning. We are committed to working on the service until we are happy with the result, as is the case with everything we do. As with any large project launch, we'll be taking things in iterations. So please bear with us as this is just the initial launch phase.

    I'll work on an FAQ to address the common questions that have come up since the announcement and we'll try and stay on top of the feedback we've gotten thus far, but all we ask is that you give BukkitDev an honest try and a real chance before dismissing the potential we see it as having.
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    Good to hear. Almost all of the issues are relatively minor quirks or places where the site feels like it's been specialized for World of Warcraft more than it has been for Bukkit. I am eager to see what can/will be improved upon!
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    @EvilSeph and pls, we need those new BBCodes again, if it's possible. There were awesome!

    Oh and are there any rules about the submission design we have to follow?
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    Olof Larsson

    I have this strong feeling that BukkitDev is a step in the wrong direction :/
    I'll try to put my feelings into words and pinpoint why I feel this way.

    In my opinion what Bukkit needs is a good "plugin-index". Something like this existing site:
    In the index you would like:
    1. Download link (Artifacts)
    2. Documentation on how to use the plugin
    3. Issue tracker
    4. etc..
    Most (if not all) of those features could be served through a GitHub account!
    I think it is very important that you avoid the NIH anti-pattern.
    Do not try to reinvent GitHub / SourceForge / BitBucket / Google Code / Launchpad etc...
    You should let devs use any of those. Let developers use any version control system of their choice.

    GitHub already has wiki pages, a download page for artifacts etc. If everyone wanted to use git we could just use GitHub instead of BukkitDev, right? The only thing missing would be the "indexing". A page where you can search for bukkit plugins by category etc. However enforcing github is not a good idea since some people might hate git. Perhaps they prefer SVN or are new to coding and do not use version controll at all. To enforce is bad.

    The same goes for plugin documentation. In the best of worlds devs should be allowed to host documentation for a plugin anywhere. Examples:
    1. A forum thread
    2. A wiki page
    3. A custom wordpress page
    The wiki page is a really good example. Do you honestly think that the built in documentation pages on bukkit dev will be as good as a full blown custom wiki? And about my custom wordpress page: Can you really assume that all devs want to host the documentation on the domain? I want to keep it on due to serach engine optimization reasons. Let the devs choose. To enforce is bad.

    This would be the nightmare:
    The bukkit team reinvent all wheels (version-control, artifacts, issue-tracker, documentation). They do so and the plugin-index is merged into this all-in-one solution. This means that the only way to appear in the plugin index is to use all the mediocre features supplied by bukkit-dev. It is no longer possible to host your own documentation or use github.

    Some "useability" (mainly for those searching the available plugins) might have been won as all plugins are forced to look the same:
    The documentation have the same layout.
    The download link for the plugin is on the same familiar place.
    The same issue tracker system is used for all plugins.

    BUT: I repeat to enforce is bad
    So much freedom will be lost this way.

    This would be awesome:
    The bukkit team focus on creating a good index instead. The index supply links to all features (documentation, issue tracker, artifacts) etc.

    The devs are then allowed to use any issue tracker och documentation service they want.
    And if the index is good enough the usability for those searching for plugins will still be there.

    I repeat:
    What Bukkit needs is a good "plugin-index".
    To enforce usage of specific services is bad.
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    I don't feel forced to BukkitDev's features. Citizens now has its own BukkitDev page and yet we still use our own website, wiki, and GitHub repo. They aren't making it mandatory to their built-in repository, forum pages, etc.

    Yes, to force is bad, but Bukkit is doing no forcing, at least not in the ways that you mention.
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    To all those who claim that this is a step in the wrong direction, enforcing the use of BukkitDev:
    - I want to use this, so they can gladly force me.
    - Having 20 links in a plugin to different websites is NOT A GOOD IDEA. I like that everything is following a preset layout with functions to add / remove. No more need to sign up here, there or everywhere.
    - Honestly, having to update Github, Mediafire, The Bukkit Thread and possibly more.. Common! Now it's just bam-bam on one page, and no need to fuss around in up to an hour just to upload your stuff.
    - Wiki and Issue Tracker is a GOOD THING, even if it exist on other pages doesn't mean we can't have more of it.
    - We finally know where the download link is, even before we open the plugin page.

    I think this is great. It almost makes we want to work with bukkit even more.. (To bad I don't have time)
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