Introducing BukkitDev, a new service by Bukkit and Curse!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Aug 24, 2011.

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    BukkitDev is the missing link in the project management chain prevalent in the Minecraft community. The popular solution of making use of forum software - something designed specifically for single-threaded discussion - leaves developers painfully scavenging through threads made up of hundreds of pages simply to get to that one bug report you finally addressed. It is all very tedious and time-consuming; time lost that could be better spent doing what you love - bringing to life those mad, awesome ideas you have running around in your head. With BukkitDev, each project has their own mini-community and tools that developers are free to moderate and make use of; per-project issue trackers and forums are just a few of the advantages BukkitDev has over using a traditional forum based solution.

    As detailed below, BukkitDev provides you with a complete project management solution that makes maintaining and updating your project a breeze. While many of the things BukkitDev has to offer were what we planned Fill to eventually be, there is no way we would be able to achieve the level of maturity and polish that BukkitDev currently has without the support and backing we now have from Curse. Moving forward, with the support of Curse, we are able to provide the community with some much-needed resources and support that we simply could not do alone. Thanks to Curse's support, we can now confidently provide stable, long lasting download hosting to every project within the community and since this takes advantage of the extensive and powerful distribution platform, the reach and exposure your projects have will increase significantly. Since BukkitDev makes use of the platform, your Bukkit community accounts won't work - you will have to use Curse accounts instead.

    The Bukkit Project has been about giving the community what they need from day one and with Curse backing the project, we're now provided with a unique opportunity to make that happen. With the help of Curse we've been in active discussion and working closely with Mojang to help them with testing and provide us with the ability to have updates ready shortly after a Minecraft update goes live, reducing the amount of downtime the community run servers face to virtually no time at all, allowing you to experience the full update in your own time and not ours.

    Looking toward the future, the Bukkit Project hopes to work with Mojang and Curse to continue to provide the Minecraft community with the tools they need to continue to make magic happen. As a first step, we're offering the BukkitDev service to client modders to help manage and promote their project just as efficiently as server modders can. We hope to expand this service in the future by exploring the possibility of providing a central client mod base with the cooperation and support of Mojang.

    Presentable project page:

    Issue Tracker:

    Per-project forums and pages:

    Other improvements over our current implementation for plugin releases:
    • Multiple authors per project with permissions handling (for example, you can have a Project Manager, Project Owner, Documenter, Translator, etc).
    • Per-project subscriptions so people interested in your project can follow its progress.
    • Curse provided hosting for your downloads
    • Extra exposure through, a high traffic content hub for Minecraft, as well as other games.
    While it is still a little rough on the edges, both Curse and Bukkit are committed to providing the Minecraft community with the best solution we can offer developers to make sharing, managing and supporting their projects as smooth as possible. Please feel free to get your project up and running on BukkitDev ( and let us know what you think of the new system (please report issues you have with the site here:!

    If all goes well, we hope to have this new site up and running in place of the unwieldy forum solution we currently employ as soon as possible. Once the majority of the active projects within the community have moved over, we'll be pushing towards phasing out our temporary forum solution.
  2. WHOA
    HOLY... *insert language that will get me banned HERE*
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    Guess the cat is out of the bag ^_^
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    wow this looks awesome
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    Awesome! Hoping this will help with bug fixes and better maintaining of plugins.
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    @EvilSeph I can't sign up with codename_B :(
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    Nice. I am not a plugin dev - but I am sure this will bring us admins faster bug fixing and so on. Nice work.
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    Im so updating my plugins so I can use this!
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    So is this the Fill project that you've been vigorously working on?

    In either case, this is amazing. I'll have to look into this ASAP

    Just read it to read that its not Fill, seems like a great solution none the less.
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    This is gladly welcomed and should make coordination much better.
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    Can we get Spoutcraft client mod approved? :)
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    0_0 wow this is a big change, just in time for me starting to dev my first plugin
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    @EvilSeph I'm getting Bad request when I try to create an account.
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    Use your Curse account to log in.
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    Why do you have create a new account? I logged in with my forum account just fine.
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    Neato Mosquito!
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    Could you please allow us to use our own names from rather than
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    vcazan is down! what gives?
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    This. Is. Amazing!
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    I wouldn't be surprised if started using for the login system too. ;)
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    Awesome :)

    but is there a way to use links to github or a jenkis rather than have to upload the file?

    EDIT: I mean as file for a release
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    Welcome to the Curse.Com Family! Nice to have you guys aboard and glad the announcement is finally out woot :)
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    At the moment I hate it more I don't see what was wrong with the old site to be honest :(
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    This looks great so far. Only gripe is that my username is taken on -.-
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    What is with license stuff? I have never did this :S
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    Although, the inclusion of a bug tracker for each project is a good idea, it seems that this move will basically render the forum redundant.

    Since Bukkit has effectively given their entire user-base to Curse (as no one can use the new system without an account with them), I think it is safe to assume at some point down the road Curse will take over the whole operation.
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    That's impressive, I like it.
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