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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by parker_digg, Jun 13, 2011.

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    What is your internet speed, up and down, and how many players can you hold? I know CPU has more to do with players than internet, but I am going to upgrade my internet this week with donations from 15down, 5up, to 25 both ways.

    With max players (25) I'm getting about 49-55% cpu usage. People start to complain about lag at 20-25 players. I assume it is the internet? Do you think the 25 mbps upload compared to my current 5 will make a great difference?
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    Big difference, It could also helpt make use of custom Java tuning as well :p
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    dose high speed start at 100mb? well if you hosting it on your computer
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    25U 25D where I am now a high up would defiantly make a difference, the first thing to bottle neck with a large server is usually the upload speed of the host (when every player is loading chunks its a must) as long as the CPU and memory can keep up it will make things much faster.
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    I hit 6-7 upload with 20 players sometimes.
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    After my internet, I'm holding 35 people with no lag. Going to push to 50 tomorrow and see how it works. Went to 35/35
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    Umm, could I ask how you upgraded to that speed and how much its costs you? I don't have very fast internet currently at my house and I am wondering if its possible to upgrade to something like 35 mb/s. I have Comcast, if that helps, and currently its about 20 mb/s down, 4-5 mb/s up. Thanks :)
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    Lunar Delta

    My internet is 25 down and 5 up. I can host about 20 players without lag, and many, many more when using Craft Proxy.
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    10 down 2 up
    idk how many players can i hold cus my server had 0 players since i started it
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    250 down / 15 up here - Can do about 35ish - 40ish players
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    100Mbit/s both ways
    max players was 22 with no lags. CPU usage on one core at 45% and almost 500MB ram usage.
    Most of the time, your upload limits the amount of players. (if you're hosting at home)
    Right after that it's the CPU, then the RAM.
    Do you have a dual core CPU, because the craftbukkit server uses only one core for the logic. that would explain the 50%, or is it 50% on one core, only?
    If you have 50% on a dual core your server runs at the limit of your CPU, since it's using the full capacity of one core. :)
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    Actually, I am running it on a old desktop computer with an Intel Pentium 4. So no dual core. Would you suggest upgrading? (I am running Ubuntu 11.04 if that helps)

    And how did you get internet that is 100 mbit/s both ways?
    Thanks for replying :)
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    as long as nothing like your ram or CPU hits the 100%, there's no need for an upgrade.
    the 100mbit/s connection is a backbone within a serverfarm. :)
    I could host your server if you want, but that's kinda useless, since it would cost you monthly. And I don't think that I will be cheaper than the connection upgrade. :(
    Also I don't know if a server located in germany would be the best choice. Depends on your location.
    Lets make it like this. Tell me how much more your connection upgrade would cost and I will see if I can get below that amount. :)
    I'm also running ubuntu, btw :)
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    That's pretty impressive I suppose, and a bit arbitrary.

    Generally can't really do high uploads with cable, they do offer over 5 up but that comes at ridiculous prices for residentials and generally isn't that much over. You'll need something like fios or the sort to get higher uploads, which coincidently may come to close what you're paying for now anyways.
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