Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by PrivateAlpha, Jan 8, 2011.

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    does anyone know where to get a list of the interfaces?
    such as onPlayerChat etc?
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    yup it is all in the javadocs
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    lol thanks! when i tried the javadocs before this it gave me a 404 error :/ .. but it woks now thanks!
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    weird i can find the events but no the interfaces such as OnPlayerChat >.<

    Can someone give me a direct link to it? so that i know how to find it:D
  5. For some reason, when I try to open the JavaDocs it always gives me a 404 error. When I refresh it, it works. Kinda weird..
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    The javadocs are broken :/ still ant find when i'm looking for though :/

    no help for me?=[

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    No offence, but if you ask me, then your page is unreliable. Hudson works, while yours give 404 error.

    Edit: and also eclipse won't work with that page. It says that package-list and index.html not found.
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