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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by WASasquatch, Nov 30, 2011.

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    So I have all ports I use open for Minecraft

    I am running Bukkit on a netbook with Kubuntu installed, using SSH to handle all the work on my main computer.

    When I set up the server with no 'server-ip=' set, I can login, but other people can't see the server online at all, they get "Connection Refused: Connect" yet when I assign the server with the IP it will let all my friends on (from different countries etc) but not me, instead I get the "Connection Refused: Connect" I use the ip to login, as "localhost" won't work for the local server, as it's not on this machine.

    Yet without the 'server-ip=' set, I can get in and they can't.

    Also, I have to use 25566 for my MC server, becasue 25565 will always show up as closed on port checkers (even though it is listed as open, and will work just fine if I run the server on windows)
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    I don't see why you are opening up 3 ports for a single Minecraft server than can only have a single port assigned to it at one time.

    There really isn't a need to manually assign an IP to the game server either on a home network running a single server with a single network interface.

    Are you actually forwarding the port you have set in your the the IP of your netbook?
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    Does it work with server-ip=
    Also, what's the output of ifconfig on the server?

    The fact that you can't use 25565 on Linux but on windows is also odd, sounds like something is wrong with your system there... (firewall, ip stack misconfigured/broken)
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    I use 25565 on Linux servers all the time for Minecraft. That isn't the issue. :p
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    Yeah, but you're not the one having the problem, right?
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    "The fact that you can't use 25565 on Linux", I was simply saying your fact is incorrect.
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    Lrn 2 read dude! Let me try to give you a little hint:
    (protip: you does NOT refer to everyone)
    Next time someone opens up a thread being like "port forwarding doesn't work" are you gonna be like "I'm using port forwarding all the time, so that's not an issue" or what?
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    Calm down, it was simply a misunderstanding in regards to your wording.
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