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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: Interactivetp

    What I want: I may be wrong but I haven't been able to find a plugin that does this.what I would like is teleporting plugin that when you do a command it opens a chest and each of the items in the chest when you pick them up it runs a command for you.

    So an example would be:
    - I do /itp tp and it opens a chest.
    - In that chest is a diamond sword that when you hover over it says "PvP Arena".
    - I pick up the diamond sword and it teleports me to /warp pvp.

    Ideas for commands:
    /itp create [name][slot] [item] [command] - creates a new item / teleport
    /itp edit [name] [slot] [item] [command] - changes the info
    /itp delete [Name] - deletes the teleport
    /itp tp - opens up the chest to teleport

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: Before may 20th
    If you would like me to explain in more details or if you have any questions feel free to let me know down in the comments
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    Sounds cool. Ill talk to some of my more experienced friends and get to work on this.
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    What I have done: clicking (left or right) an item with a matching itemID and Meta Data (name + lore) to a predefined item runs a specified script on the player.

    What I need to do: bring up a fake inventory full of these items, cancel picking up the item on click, permission nodes for use (if you want) temporary disable of these functions for admins to edit the items/chests etc.

    Optional: Help note inside box (peice of cake), special effect/sound when using warp items inside box, filter so that matching items only execute script when the items are inside the box.
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    ItemMenu, for example. There are many plugins to choose from out there, although I'm interested in seeing whether your ( VergilPrime ) plugin is better or not.

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    So far it's not. :p but I can customize it however i like very easily :3
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    If you need help, I am able to do this, I am making a plugin like this, Just not for TP'ing.
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    I have also expanded my design to encompass more commands (and chest that open other chests) XD

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