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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Greyson, Dec 10, 2011.

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    How hard would it be to make a plugin that when triggered by key words or commands, (something like "oh no <playername> griefed me") it would search to see if that playername has broken a certain number of blocks placed by someone else and auto-ban them if they've broken a lot in an alloted time???
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    Something like this would be very complex and advanced to code, which is beyond my level of knowledge and expertise.

    One more thing, this should be in "Plugin Requests" with the correct format, not in "Plugin Development".
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    No I was actually thinking of making it... but maybe not if it's super complex
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    This is very advanced if you ask me. I don't think it's good for a new developer.
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    Most definitely not. What the plugin would have to do is
    first of all log all block placements/breakings, surveil and analyze the entire chat,
    log all users and have a complex AI.
    This would not only take tons of time to code,
    it'd also use up a lot of the server's resources.

    Try using BigBrother or similar things for rollbacks
    and try not to start with big projects.

    And since you did not know how complex this would be in the
    first place, I recommend you think about what would actually need to
    happen in order to fulfill a rather easy "request" like this one.

    Most of the time it sums up to a lot.
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    "Complex AI"
    Artificial? Really? Saying that it's artifical intelligence? It's called listening for keywords lol.
    And, yes, this would be really complex to make, considering you would need to find a way to log every block placed/removed/activated (for redstone) and also find a way to roll back water placements. This is too complex and even I won't even attemp something like this. I suggest if you basiclly know Java back and forth, you would attempt this.
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    This task requires natural language processing, and NLP is a branch of AI. @Kierrow is correct here.

    It would indeed be pretty complex; probably the best way of approaching it would be as either an addition to one of the existing anti-grief plugins, or as a separate plugin which can hook one of the existing anti-grief plugins. Then the work would be mostly limited to a good natural language parser.
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