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Do you wont commands to be Modular?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. What does this mean?

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    The poll does have a typo, please excuse my lack of spelling and quick typing:D

    Integral (Adjective) - essential to completeness

    This plugin contains the integrity to your Bukkit Server. Similar to Essentials, but it gets tailored to YOUR Servers needs. Don't want a command? Then just turn it off!

    • Banning
    • Nick-names
    • Teleportation
    • Muting
    • Material Spawning
    • Warping
    • Homes
    • And more!


    • /time <day/night>
    • /spawn
    • /setspawn
    • /home <player>
    • /sethome <player>
    • /biome
    • /warp <warp name>
    • /setwarp <public/private> <warp name>
    • /tp <player>
    • /tphere <player>

    • /kick <player>
    • /ban <player>
    • /ipban <player>
    • /kill <player>
    • /ignite <player>
    • /strike <player>
    • /heal <player>
    • /spawnmob <mob>
    More to come!

    • Finish Commands
    • Add Configuration
    • Finish Permissions
    • Finish color scheme
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    Nice plugin. ^.^ It has some neat commands, but what would make server owners choose this plugin over essentials? For essentials if you don't want the command then you simply don't give the use the permission for said command. :p
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    Well it might have modular commands. So if you have a plugin that handles spawns and you want to use that plugin, then just disable the spawn commands in the config for Integrals. Say you have a warping plugin that works well, then just turn warps off in the Integrals config. I don't think that Essentials has this feature, but I want this plugin to have all of the features and be able to run a server by itself while making it the easies possible experience for the server owner and its players.
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    Essentials has most of its implemented commands running on lowest priority so plugins gets privileges over essentials
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    Oh thanks, maybe I can implement this too. I just want to have a plugin that can really run the server while making it very easy to set up.
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    Yeh , lightweight plugins are good
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    That is what the goal is here. Some smaller servers (2-5 players) that only have 256mb of ram cant handle big plugins like essentials and if they want homes and warps, then it really lags them out.

    I just found a mistake, I spelled "want" wrong in the poll. Do any of you know how to edit the poll?

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    Same here
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    Chiller xTrollxDudex Yup I immediately thought someone was using calculus in their plugin. To do what exactly, I had no clue.
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    No you made it sound like area under a curve....
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    Oh! I havent gotten to that Level yet...Taking Advanced Math Analysis next:cool: I guess Trigonometry is after that...

    raGan. flaaghara

    Modular commands would allow a server administrator to disable certain commands. The server may have a plugin that deals with homes, so they can just disable all home commands in the config to allow the other plugin to use the commands.

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    It's really nice how you care about people who stop by. Thanks.
    Anyway, this might have been mentioned here already, but I didn't read this thread, so you might want to change 'wont' in the poll question to 'want'. Unless it's intentional.
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    I thought this had to do with Calculus for a second. Got me excited :mad:
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    You're welcome. Yeah, it was a typo, and now I cant figure out how to edit it looks like I am 8:mad:
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    How would that be beneficial for the server performance? Since commands don't use any listeners - if you don't use the command, it won't execute anything. If you don't want people to use the command, don't give them the permission. Also, Essentials is already very lightweight and for as far as I know Essentials also allows their users to disable certain parts of the plugin, so, to be honest, I don't see how you're going to 'beat' that plugin. For me, as a developer and server owner, there's no reason why I would prefer this plugin over Essentials.
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