Solved Instant server crash when starting

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ToldiIII, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Same as:
    - (not sure)

    Now I solved with creating a new user account on my computer.

    (This error worked on the older machine, but not now.)
    I recently purchased a Windows 10 Pro computer and when I wanted to run a minecraft server, I get this error:

    What I have done on page 3, but they didn't help. When I start the server, it will spam this error immediately after 3 seconds and stop it only after 15 seconds. I have never encountered such a mistake (as a developer) when creating a minecraft server.
    I'll tell you a couple about the machine and the server information:
    These are in my computer settings:
    - The first is that Windows is activated and working because it is a company.
    - I have recently changed the user tab and have only changed the profile image for the time being.
    These are on the server:
    - The server doesn't actually generate anything at all, only two files contain jar and the start bat file.
    - The start bat file is on the right path to run the server, as it was in the past.
    Java Settings:
    - Newest Java jre1.8.0_191 installed.
    - In fact, Java is only disabled when I turn on my computer and throws up an empty console.

    What should I do about it? Maybe change the user name in PC settings?
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