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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by DiamondSworder, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Hey guys i am starting up a kit server And i need to get a Soups Plugin

    Name SoupsHeal
    Idea Soups Heal 3.5 Heart's
    Permissions Soupsheal.use

    Thanks Reply to me ASAP :) Thanks for you time
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    Thank you very much also Can u make a plugin called AutoKits Like Where i can make custom kits and say /pvp And it will bring give me the kit Thanks Bro :) Thanks For your time
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    Yes i would like a custom one for the server like

    /pvp Gives 1 Diamondsword:sharpness 1 27 soups and a strength for 15 minuets Full iron armour put on when u type it
    And so on (With a Config So i can make my own kits)
    Each Kit has its own perm EG
    /pvp = kitpvp.pvp
    /archer = kitpvp.archer
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    The plugin you are looking for is called KitPlugin.
    Google search it.
    If it doesnt do what you want, i can do this plugin for you.
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    Im Not going to lie i have found it but i dont really like it i read it and its not cool for me but if u could make it, it would be epic and i will give u admin on my server (when it is up) :) And if i have any spare cash i will give to you after i buy the server :) Thanks for your time
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    this is not allowed.
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    I already said to him that i dont want his cash for such a simple thing.
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    So many goddamn kit plugins... I see so many requests for kits with custom commands like /pvp or some crap.
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    That's why PvPKits is going to be configurable. ;)
    (Coming real soon)

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