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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by Amaranth, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Just thought I should make it clear I have no plans to continue contributing to the Bukkit project.

    *drops mic*
  2. best
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  5. gg
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  7. :claps:
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    Yeah, it is a super funny post, thanks from all of us who have come to depend on bukkit to run their servers to be so funny about the demise of bukkit. Well done.
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  10. welp, I'll always miss you, amaranth :(
  11. Today marks the day that the Spigot was turned off; That the Bukkit stopped filling;
    I've never seen a community fall apart so fast.
  12. didnt dinnerbone say he was gonna code bukkit for 1.8 :I whats going on #confused
  13. codename_B Fancy meeting you here. Minecraft is dead?
  14. We are going down, Ahhh!
  15. It's one of those moments that you state "What the hell has happened?"
    All has gone way too fast.
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    Just to screw with Mojang can all you guys say that Mojang cant use your code either?

    I would lol.
  17. WaterBucket Mojang is basically going to die if they lose Bukkit and all us Developers. They are screwed enough...
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    that would accomplish nothing but hurt the community.

    not really just servers won't be able to update till mojang releases official API
  19. *uproar of applause*
  20. Nice and short, exactly how I like it!
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  21. 10/10 would fuck.
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    DO NOT lose these current CB/Spigot Server files if you still have them. This pause in minecraft history will be the revolutionary edition for CB minecraft servers for years to come. EVERYONE will remember these events, and WILL want to play on this version server forever. (1.7.10/1.8)
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    Farewell and Thanks!
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    You seem to think you're owed the work they've done for bukkit. I personally heavily depend on Bukkit/Craftbukkit and I can respect their decision to resign/end the project. (Google my name if you want to see how much I depend on it)

    The world does not revolve around you or anyone else. Best thing we can do is hope someone will pick up from where Bukkit left off and enough people follow
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