Filled "InitialCheckTimer" for plugin "AutoMessage" by ELCHILEN096

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    FILLED! [redflower] Thanks a lot to @gochi9 for helping me on this plugin request, all the features asked in this thread have been done by him, and the final plugin has been fully tested and everything works fine[redflower]
    PLUGIN DOWNLOAD: Click here!

    Plugin category:
    Admin Tools, Chat Related, Informational

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Introduction: To start off, AutoMessage is an amazing free plugin that was developed by ELCHILEN096, but unfornately become abandoned since the plugin hasn't been updated since 2016 and the author doesn't connect since 2 years ago. The plugin works amazingly well and in my opinion it is even better than most of the others message announcement plugins out there, specially because of its unique feature of being able to only show certain announcement messages to players with a specific permission. And it even has json support!
    The plugin is very dope on its topic, but saddly it has been abandoned and I'm not able to reach the author due to that. But the sourcecode is open on its github repo:

    What I want: What I want is like an optional InitialTimeCheck option for the message-lists, that would mean, after "how many seconds the message should start getting announced" whenever the plugin is enabled, and after that the InitialTimeCheck's time is reached, the default "interval" option of that message-list, would be used to keep the message announced on its defined interval.

    Example: The name for this new option could be called something like "initialcheck", and you should add it on a message-list like this for it to work:
        enabled: true
        initialcheck: 50
        interval: 20
        - '&aHello everyone'
    So in case you enable the plugin, that message would take 50 seconds to get announced, and after that, it would get announced every 20 seconds because of the interval of it.

    When I'd like it by: There isn't any pressure on it, and I don't like to hurry someone on something that is for free.

    Thanks in advance for everyone who read this, If you have any questions about this request feel free to reply, regards!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    This is the plugin

    As timtower asked i don't really know why you would need this but anyway here you go
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    Thx gochi9! Glad to see you back, you are awesome
    @timtower Hey there! Didn't expect you to be curious xD
    Well, I needed the feature since I have 4 categories of announcements on my server, one for each category (advertising announcements, warning announcements, account verify announcement and Play tips announcements), and thanks to this plugin's feature of being able to disallow someone to see announcements from a category by denying him the correct permission, you can let the player be able to select on an options gui, which announcements to see, and which announcements to not see. On my server I made it pretty detailed so if you are going to disable warning announcements, it would send you to a confirmation gui advising you that you won't be noticed if anything important is going to happen on the server. Also for advertising announcements, you would only be able to disable them in case you bought donor rank.
    The problem that brought me here to request this feature, is because when you set the interval to the categories, lets say with an easy example:
    category-1-interval: 30 (seconds)
    That example would cause that these 2 categories will sometime collapse and be shown at the same time because of that. And I know that you can "fix" it by putting high intervals with impair numbers, but I would really love to show announcements at least once every minute, which leads me on a trouble since I have 4 categories and without that requested feature, they would collapse sometimes, or they would show really quick one-after-another and sometimes they would not even show for a long time. Thx to this, I will be able to fix this problem and display my announcements in an ordered pattern :D
    Thanks a lot gochi9!
    And wish you a nice day guys

    EDIT: @gochi9 hello back! I've tested the plugin and the initialcheck option works just fine! There is only an issue, that whenever you reload the plugin, the option "initialcheck" gets removed from the config file.

    ANOTHER EDIT (lol): This is a tiny detail, but the announcements don't show after the "initialcheck" in fault of the interval, and they also have to wait the interval set, to start to show. I mean, it is like a kind of "initialcheck" that the plugin had actually, where the message's initial check would be the same as the interval value, but the problem with that one is that you can't change it, but thanks to the feature you implemented, now it is possible. An instance to let you understand this better, would be this:
        enabled: true
        initialcheck: 10
        interval: 25
        - '&2hello'
    So what happens, is that you have to wait a total of 35 seconds to see the first message, instead of 10 seconds. Because on the plugin by default, "interval" also used to work as a kind of "initialcheck". Hope I got clear xD
    Is there any chance you can disable that, so the messages get shown at the beginning, and only get delayed at the first time in case you set a value to the "initialcheck" option?
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    This is the plugin

    Said bugs are fixed. If you find any other bugs repot them to me or if there are no more bugs please mark the thread as fixed
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    The plugin works perfect without any issues. Thanks a lot @gochi9 , you are awesome.
    This thread will be marked as filled since everything asked has been completed successfully.

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