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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Arimatas, May 17, 2017.

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    Hi @ all,
    last week i finished to set up a private bukkit server for me and my friends,
    since it's the first time for me creating a MC Server I'm kinda new to everything.

    After a lot of trouble I managed to get some plugins to work. But I#m always looking for something new/funny to add to my collection. So please listen to this and tell me there is some plugin /setting out there, that can help me.

    I'm currently using Multiverse Core with Multiverse Portals and Multiverse Inventories.
    I would like to create a new world (Adventure mode) where people have to finish a big puzzle, labyrinth, etc...
    If they succeed, they will get rewarded (with Diamonds or smth.)

    Now to the question: how do i manage the rewarding? If i put a box with diamons there, the first player getting there will loot it down.
    In addition, if i manage to give player a certain amount of diamonds (like dispenser in the sky drops some),
    how would they manage to take the reward back to the normal world (Multiverse Inventories will prevent this).

    I also have Citizens installed on my Server so i would be able to make a trading system.
    i.e.: Finish the labyrinth, get a new unique item/token (that has to be created from another plugin), go back to the normal wold and trade this item against diamonds.

    But Multiverse Inventories will be the problem here too.

    Anyone got an idea?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Arimatas How are the rewards given? Recently made a plugin that can run commands based on the players login status and the world he / she is in.
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    @timtower Well currently nothing happens. Im looking for possibilities to make this happen. They can get the loot however they want, they just gotta be rewarded somehow. I dont care if this job is done by a dispenser or a command.

    The thing is:
    If they achieve the goal an World B, the reward must be sent to the inventory of World A or they recieve the reward in World B and i can make some block exception for Multiverse Inventories, otherwise they cant have that reward in World A
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Arimatas WebCommandPlayer, link is in my signature.
    Runs commands based on conditions: Player is given and online.
    World is given and player is in this world.
    Commands can be added through commandblocks.
    Requires mysql.
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