Filled Infused Potion Armor

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by lilgee332, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Infused Armor

    What I want: I'd like A Plugin Where i can infuse potion effects on armor pieces.
    the armor will give the effect infinitely but as soon as the armor is removed the potion effect is cleared.
    To Show that the armor is infused with, in the lore of the armor it will say
    "&c&lInfused With (Potion Effect)"
    And as long as that lore is on the item it has that potion effect, that being so players can rename the armor.

    Ideas for commands:
    /armor infuse (potion effect) (power)

    Ideas for permissions:
    Armor.admin - All Admin Commands
    No perm needed for players to get the potion effects when wearing the armor

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As possible
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  6. Just saw this today, I like your idea and will be working on it ASAP. Would you also want the armor to be crafted?
  7. Hey. I have the code, do you still need it?
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    @Developer.JacobS Yes i do and no i dont want the armor to be crafted just gives the potion effect using the command
  9. Apparently I can't send .jar files, any other way I can get it to you? Maybe I can share it through Google drive?
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    Wow this is such a great idea a lot of people will love this plugin.
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    yea Dropbox Should work
  13. Alright guys so the plugin is finished I will now be cleaning it up and running some final tests, it should be done by Friday.
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    Tempted to do this. @lilgee332 I appreciate your commitment to this, if @Developer.JacobS does not finish or allows me to finish this I will .
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    @0566 Well He Said he had the plugin Finished and was cleaning it up and it would be done by Friday, And that was said a week ago on Tuesday.
    Either Hes Busy With Personal Stuff (Which i can understand) or Has Gave up on this Plugin.
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    Ok if he doesn't post anything by tomorrow I will start this project .

    Hello @lilgee332 I will be starting now :). Hopefully won't take to long :).

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    Looking forward to the creation of this!
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    Ok I'm going to run some final tests just to make sure everything works alright.
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    Thanks again for making this for me :D
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    why you don't use
    It's made for giving access to your plugins...
    Nice idea btw
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Because a lot of requests take more time to document than to make.
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    @lilgee332 I am finished :) Hope you enjoy I speed coded the end part so tell me if there is any errors :) .
    I will upload this to bukkit dev #soon.

    EDIT: Error found with armor I will patch it as soon as I get home yet the plugin will still work it will just spam the console with annoying messages.

    EDIT 2: Fixed hopefully all errors, leave me a comment if this works or not. (same download link for patched version). Hope you enjoy and have a nice day :).
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