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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by subzero110, Dec 14, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Server Administration

    Suggested name: Infractions Log

    What I want: I will like an infraction plugin for my server that has the following punishments:
    • Warn
    • Kick
    • Tempban (Uses correct time format EG 1d or 1h)
    • Ban
    Each infraction should be given a unique ID.

    Furthermore I will like a command so I can view a persons previous infractions. A player should be able to view their own infractions only. People with the correct permission node should be allowed to view others. They should be listed with each infraction with the below format with latest infractions first:
    [#Infraction No] [Infraction Time] [username] [Infraction Type] [Infraction Reason]

    A person with the correct permissions should then be allowed to appeal these infractions by using the command /appeal. When an infraction is appealed it will appear green in the list above.

    (Optional) A feature which shows all the latest infractions

    Ideas for commands & permission nodes:
    /warn (playername) (reason) - infractions.warn
    /kick (playername) (reason) - infractions.kick
    /tempban (playername) (time) (reason) - infractions.tempban
    /ban (playername) (reason) - infractions.ban
    /infractionsview - infractions.view.self
    /infractionsview - infractions.view.others
    /appeal - infractions.appeal
    /infractionshelp -
    (OPTIONAL)/infractionslatest - infractions.latest

    When I'd like it by: Christmas Hopefully :D
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    Bump Anyone like the idea???
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    Even if someone explains how I could approach to make a project like this I would highly appreciate it! :D
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    @subzero110 You could either create a .yml for each player, or either use Essentials player data if you have that plugin.
    You would then save something like that :
    54653: (if of warn)
    reason: Testing is fun.
    timestamp: 754754654653 (unis time or whatever)
    And same for bans, kicks etc.
    Then in a config.yml you would save that :
    warn: 54653
    kick: 9371
    ban: 293
    tempban: 835
    etc. (these are the curent ids not to have 2 warns of the same id)
    Note: if you want unique ids, like even cross-infraction, you would just save an "id" int in the config
    Then you would have to over ride the commands and make them save the infraction to the right place, with the right id and timestamp and finally increment the id.
    For the infractions view command, you would just get the .yml and read the infractions, then you would have to use a sort function to sort them by timestamp.
    That plugin would be simple but complicated :/
    And it would also be long and hard to test, that's why I prefer giving you hints rater than making the plugin myself.
    If you need more info or any help, please tell me :D

    P.S. : I'm on iPad with french auto-correction so please excuse me if I made any mistake ;)
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    @timtower Good idea :p but not all servers have a database, and I personnelly prefer keeping my unique database for other things ;)
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    I heard there is this cool plugin called JOPHWarn that has some features you might be interested in.
    Edit: I don't know if it works with latest version because I no longer update and stuff
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    @JOPHESTUS 1.7.2 will probably work for 1.7.10, but not for 1.8 when it will get out
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    I have looked into this plugin and it is not necessarily what I want.

    I will also like to add that it does not matter if the plugin uses a MySQL database.

    I have tried the plugin SELBans I would like something like that. Unfortunately it does not work with CraftBukkit 1.8 :/

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    If you want it to use MYSQL & be able to run off a config file as well I would be more then happy to make this plugin for you.
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    @NathanSDK I will greatly appreciate you making this plugin for me, Thanks!

    @NathanSDK just interested to know how this plugin is coming along. I can't wait for it to be finished :) Out of interest would this be able to connect to a PHP website if it uses a MySQL database?

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @subzero110 If is uses mysql then everything will be able to connect with it
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    @subzero110 If you want me to make a php console too I could ;)
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