[INFO] WhoPlacedIt v0.5 - enables players to see who placed or deleted a block [1185]

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    WhoPlacedIt - Simple Plugin to see who placed and deleted a block:
    Version: v0.5
    This plugin enables players to see who placed a block or deleted it.

    It's now also available on Bukkitdev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/whoplacedit/

    Usage: Just right click on any block that was placed after this plugin was installed to see who did it. This can be restricted to certain items the user has to hold in his hands at the time of the right click (default setting is that it only works when a stick is held in the users hands). Per default a player can see the last 3 remove/place actions for that block, this can be disabled in the config.

    Currently this plugin uses sqlite or mysql to store its data. The Library provided by alta189 is used for this purpose

    The config file for this plugin (WhoPlacedIt/WhoPlacedIt.properties) will be created automatically at first start with sqlite as default database setting, enabled history and restricted to sticks. If you want create your own properties file you can either do this by hand, or with this little script: http://hikinggrass.de/whoplacedit/index.php
    • Tracks when a player places a block and when this block is removed later
    • Tracks fire since version 0.4
    • Tracks what kind of block you placed/deleted since version 0.5
    • Has permissions support (tested with permissionsBukkit), whoplacedit.magicstick is the only permission that can be used to enable/disable the "magic stick"
    • You can configure how many block changes you want to see when you right click on a block. The amount can be set via the historyEntries option in the config file
    Download | Source Code

    Version 0.5
    • Added Logging of the type a placed or removed block has/had. Blocks added to the database prior to version 0.5 will be shown as "unknown blocks".
    • Removed unnecessary debug messages that could spam your server logs if many things burn
    Version 0.4.1
    • Removed an unnecessary debug message that could spam your server logs if many things burn
    Version 0.4
    • Added Fire logging
    • Added permissions
    • Fixed a display bug
    • Configurable amount of log entries that will be displayed (via historyEntries in the config file)
    Version 0.3
    • Added MySQL support
    • modified config generator script for this purpose
    • Added statistics, typing in /wpistats shows how many blocks you created and destroyed after you created them. This can be disabled in the config
    Version 0.2.2
    • Initial release
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    added plugin version to the title, please keep it updated.
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    Nice plugin, however I won't be able to use it until you add MySQL support because that's what I use on my server.
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    MySQL is now supported with the latest version.
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    Does this log fire as well? Would be helpful to see if a fire destroyed something.

    Also can you make it so say when you place a certain block i.e. bedrock it will tell you what happened at that block. Then delete the bedrock. Similar to what you can do with logblock when you place bedrock
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    It does not log fire at the moment, but i'll put it on my todo list as well as the "place block here to see what happened" feature
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    to have the 'place block here to see what happened' feature you should be able to simply put any block there and then right klick it to see the last actions, cause it logs more than one, right?

    also: permission support please, then i'll be happy to use this
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    exactly, but a special way to trigger this information with a block that is instantly deleted when you place it might be of some use for some players.

    permission support will be in a future update too, bun only after i looked at the new built in permission system of bukkit.
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    I have used this on the clan's server for a couple weeks with no issues and recently whenever someone removes a block the block lags for a few seconds and then turns into an item. No issues while placing blocks however.
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    Oo that's extremely odd behavior, are you sure this is caused by this plugin (eg. does this only happen when it is enabled) ? Because the only thing this plugin does is store some information about a location in a database which is modified on removal of blocks. If you experience your described behavior only when my plugin is running i'm really interested in the contents of your database
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    Yes, this only occurs with your plugin enabled. I disabled it and the lag disappeared. I'm using MySQL with the default settings from the script.

    Went through the server log after and found this:
    2011-07-23 20:31:01 [INFO] [WhoPlacedIt] MySQL Initializing
    2011-07-23 20:31:01 [INFO] [WhoPlacedIt] using database whoplacedit
    2011-07-23 20:31:02 [SEVERE] [WhoPlacedIt]SQLException! Communications link failure
    The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
    2011-07-23 20:31:02 [INFO] [WhoPlacedIt] MySQL connection successful
    2011-07-23 20:31:02 [SEVERE] [WhoPlacedIt]SQLException! Communications link failure
    The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
    2011-07-23 20:31:02 [SEVERE] [WhoPlacedIt] Could not establish connection to mysql server, falling back to sqlite
    2011-07-23 20:31:02 [INFO] [WhoPlacedIt] SQLite Initializing
    EDIT: Figured that I would try with SQLite since that was what it's trying to use and pure luck I was right. When using the SQLite database, no lag when placing or destroying blocks. Guess the MySQL coding is messed up somewhere. Best of luck, hope this helps others.
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    Well the server log looks like it's trying to use the mysql server but the server is not reachable - maybe this is causing the lag. Are you sure your mysql server was running and/or your password etc. was correctly set in the config? I'll try to reproduce this issue tonight and if there is anything that can be done to fix this behavior i'll update the plugin very soon
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    The server is hosted by Multiplay and I am unable to directly manage the database. I can only simply add MySQL in the Clanforge server manager. :( I'm just glad its working with the SQLite.

    EDIT: Can you add permission support in a future update?
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    sure, permissions support will be in a future update and probably a little bit more robust handling of mysql, if i can figure something out that's better than the current method
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    Okay, just put it on my server then and it works...
    But it hasn't created a properties file. This was in the log:

    2011-08-02 20:41:12 [INFO] [WhoPlacedIt] Error, found no properties file, creating one with default values
    2011-08-02 20:41:12 [INFO] [WhoPlacedIt] Error, could not write properties file
    2011-08-02 20:41:12 [INFO] [WhoPlacedIt] SQLite Initializing

    And I found a small display bug. Here's a picture.

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    So i want to say "ThanXx so much" for coding this very useful plugin. :)

    For me it is a big alternativ to LogBlock so because it doesnt needs MySQL-Sh***.
    Sorry, but i hate mysql and this plugin is working very well without it.

    But, i think it will be very perfectly if it logs for much more Block-Changes as only 3.
    So may it can fixed up to ...10 ?? Just an example but it will have more thenn 3 rollback-logs.

    I hope you can fix it. ;)

    I very support this plugin and have to say again ...

    "Thank you very much" :D:)

    BB:1060 Spout:1.0.5, much plugins.
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    good suggestion, i'll add an option to configure the amount of changes that will be visible in the next version!

    sorry that i didn't have time to add all promised features until now, but i try to update this plugin in the next days or maybe 1-2 weeks :)
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    Actually, Jesse, you CAN manage the database with a Multiplay/Clanforge hosted server. Through FTP, you can download a program like Filezilla, insert your server/FTP info, and it will give you total access to the files, logs and databases related to your server. You can also use this method to add plugins that are not available (or haven't been updated) through Clanforge. Be careful what changes you make through FTP though! Hope this helps. There are some directions on how to set this up in your Clanforge. On the left side, click "Servers," then under your main server, it should say "FTP." Click the "show" tab next to FTP and it will open a menu that tells you how to FTP to the server and provides you the links/info you need to get started.
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    Yes, soon after I posted this they added FTP support for my server. I'm no longer with Multiplay anyway and am currently managing my server through FTP only.
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    the current version that supports fire logging, permissions and can show a configurable amount of log messages is online - please report any bugs you might encounter :)
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    I like this plugin, but one criticism I have is that it doesn't detect which block was placed/removed. :( I found a bed that was removed by someone, right clicked on the spot, I got 6 messages of blocks being removed/added in that spot by different people.
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    Great suggestion, the next version will log which kind of block was removed and all older blocks that are already in the database will just be reported as Unknown Blocks

    Version 0.5 is out, implementing this little feature
  23. Hi!
    First i just need to say this is a awesome plugin!
    I like how simple it is, no config or anything.

    Then over to the bad part, i am getting this error
    [WARNING] [SQL INFO]Error at SQL Query: query does not return ResultSet
    Not right away, or on any specific event, but like 30 min after startup or so.
    The plugin does work perfect b4 that tho, but as soon as this message appears the server freezes.
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    ok that's weird, but i'll investigate it in the next hours/days
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    Martyn Cooksey

    This is an aweomse plugin! I've finally found the annoying little guy who keeps griefing on my server :p

    Only problem is that my DOS window is literally spammed with hundreds of
    '[INFO] burn block was placed by game'
    I've been looking for some way to stop this but I'm having no luck at all.

    My only other plugins are the Essentials pack and WorldEdit.
    Any help on this issue would be much appreciated!

    Thanks again for an incredibly useful plugin
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    sorry about spamming your console, this is fixed in version 0.5, i forgot to remove this debug message in v 0.4.1
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    There is someone in my server who is constantly breaking stuff of others, but i can't track who did it. I can see the history of every block that is placed and removed on my server except for the blocks he placed/removed.

    I was using 0.3 but i have upgraded now to 0.5 to see if that is any improvement...

    it's a great mod!
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    How come the server log keeps saying "burn block was placed by the game" over and over again???
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    Is this with ANY block or just illegal ones?
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