Inactive [INFO/WEB] WS v0.5 - Web Stat page for mcMMO(whith MySQL only) [1302]

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    Project is closed!
    Simple webstat writen on php5, now only for mcMMO whith MySQL and PHP 5.2.1+
    Version: 0.5
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    Download: Last version
    1. move files to web-folder on your website
    2. edit config.php
    3. chmod 777 "data"
    4. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data"
    5. cake? )
    6. p.s. if you have "internal" problem try delete .htaccess
    7. if you disabled mining on your server:
      • open webstats.class.php found "AND ms.`mining` >0" (on line: 64)
        and delete this part, and all be ok
    8. p.p.s if css/js not load:
      • for IIS need change chmod "min" folder
      • go min/config.php
      • found $min_documentRoot = substr(__FILE__, 0, -15);
      • change it like $min_documentRoot = "c:\\xampp\\htdocs\\ws_for_mcmmo_folder";
      • its your path if you used windows, or '/home/accountname/public_html' if linux

    1. upload & rewrite all files except config.php
    2. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data" if needed
    3. testing and comment

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    • perfomance relise & secure
    • add index_ajax.php for all ajax request
    • add posible gzip compression for css/js (minify_2.1.4_beta)
    • add cache images and others to .htaccess
    • add google charts :D (ideas?)
    • need mining > 0 for adding to table
    • now limit 1000 users whith biggest mining skill
    • fix some html errors

    v 0.3:

    • add icons & tooltips
    • some fixes
    • fixed "zebra"
    • fixed width
    • remove page "users" & add it to popup on click name
    v 0.2: (need chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data")

    • add powerlevel
    • some bugfix
    • some cleanups
    • compare php version
    • add config (time_cache, prefix)
    v 0.1:

    • initial relise
    • caching 120s
    • json data for API
    • list users and skills

    • better functional
    • chek all variants for work
    • party(?)
    • search functional
    • fix some css errors
    • cache not only json
    • add weeks ratings and all for it
    • tool tips
    • charts and other graf
    • add power level
    P.S. Waite for your comments and sorry for my english )

    working for food, writing sites to order :)
    if you want remove or replace my copyright do this:
    open js / tooltips.js and remove
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    tha d0ctor

    where do I configure the database port?

    also has anyone gotten this to work on godaddy hosting pointing at an external database?
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    So we are trying to install this and are wondering, how do we get it to pull the stats we all have currently, when we install it, it is starting all our stats at zero, is there a way around this?
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    ok, i add it to config (default 3306)
    its good work whith external db
    try move div block of pages and chek this (
    am... try ask this on simple form, i have some problem whith english )
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    What prince is asking is this:

    We have used mcMMO for 1 month. Everybody has high skill.

    When he try to use MySQL it reset all to 0.

    How we make it not reset to 0?
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    you set chmod for .json files?
    yes ) think about it
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    This Plugin needs some diagramms and charts.
    Here is my example:
    Is it possible to insert the Skinindex animation?
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    not sure what you mean...
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    yes, i can add some staff like this, i add it to TODO list
    remove paging plugin or move div whith page id - bottom
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    v 0.3:
    • add icons & tooltips
    • some fixes
    • fixed "zebra"
    • fixed width
    • remove page "users" & add it to popup on click name
    Next step: add search and more functional
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    thanks, but i dont see what i can used :) if you whant help - help me? Example whith styles.
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    Jesper Walsted

    Very nice plugin. For version 0.3 i get an error when I click users: Error: Can't load data/users.json.
    I added permissions to all json file.
    Hmmm :)
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    give a link pls, chmod 777 "data" folder?
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    Jesper Walsted

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    Jesper Walsted

    I use Windows IIS. So I think it is different for me?
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    send me you .htaccess - it stay on root web directory
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    tha d0ctor

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    Jesper Walsted

    Sorry, there is no such file .htaccess in the root web directory. Or anywhere on my server. IIS 7.5 on Windows 2008 server. I think this is only for apache?
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    maybe... sorry but i working only whith apache and ngnix
    redownload pls or replase "/them/icons" whith "them/icons" (13 replace count)
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    Getting the users.json error on IIS 7 as well.

    As for those who haven't a clue where to start, well php is sorta like java as you'll need php to translate it into html essentially. First you'll need a server, then you'll need php installed onto that server. Frankly the proccess is a bit annoying as hell since well frankly you'll need a starting point and for IIS you'll need to play with the web platform installer alot. In short, you need IIS or apache, PHP 5.3.6, and a CGI for it, you can essentially set the entire thing up from the IIS manager. More or less follow the guides on setting everything up, plug in the mysql information, and it's more or less good to go once you've plopped the entirety of the php/script files into your html server.
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    now rewrite all front-end code for better functional and perfomance, maybe changing some library
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    Nice work, got this running

    Would you mind me adjusting your code to get this to work for different plugins?

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    example, what plugins?


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    iConomy and LWC.

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