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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by christoph astner, Feb 26, 2011.

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    This connects to a MySQL database, not the game server. YOu need to setup the Stats plugin to use a MySQL database, then you have this website connect to that same database.
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    So the stats plugin can read data from the server and export it to the database which is displayed in webstats?
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    Yes, in a manner. The plugin will start collecting stats of the server as people play. It will not be able to collect the stats from before you installed said plugin, nothing will because the server doesn't track that information.

    But note, ensure you setup the stats plugin to use the MySQL database. By default stats uses text files to store the data which this site can not pull data off of.
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    Fantastic!!!!! Works like a charm, thank you for all the hard work!
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    Great Job, thanks for this Addon
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    how do i go about setting this up with a website that isnt on the same server as minecraft is hosted on? can i do it with like remote mysql? please help.
  7. you must enable mysql remot access and insert ip of the server in settings.php $host = "IPHERE";
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    Hey thanks. This is really great but 1 problem. I have achievements running on the mysql server too but when i go to it it says this - Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in/home/darkgun5/public_html/stats/stats/player.php on line 421

    Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in/home/darkgun5/public_html/stats/stats/player.php on line 429

    Warning: Division by zero in /home/darkgun5/public_html/stats/stats/player.php on line 434
    0 /

    Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in/home/darkgun5/public_html/stats/stats/player.php on line 452

    Think you can help by like adding me on msn or something? my msn is shaunbennett16@hotmail.com
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  10. i forgett to replace the sorttag on this file so change <? to <?php in includes/playedfor.php
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    When editing the achievements in the stat's ACP, creating the stats works just fine but I can't edit any existing achievements.
    I can delete. It's just the edit function that doesn't seem to be working.

    I've made an excel file that you can import to the web stats achievements table. This can easily be done using phpmyadmin using the import option.
    It currently has all the default achievements that you can get through the achievements plugin.

    Change the images as you like before importing to the database and you're good to go.

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    Yeah. i looked at the playedfor.php file in includes. and changed the open tag from <? to <?php and now its worse than just having code show up in playtime. instead i get pos and player and nothing else. Take a look here www.thesprocketworld.com

    EDIT also how do i change the banner?
  13. Webstats 1.4.3 Released!!

    hard to say because there is no error message , delet all files and install 1.4.3

    You can chnage now the banner text with the new setting $servername = "BANNERTEXT HERE";
    if you want change the image just replaced the /images/header.png file with your header.png

    Fixed now with 1.4.3
    Thx for this exel file i will add this on my download area
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    ive done that... twice... still no luck.well then tried it again it worked. Take a look at it again though www.thesprocketworld.com your played for column is a little too thin. you should make it wider for those minecraft addicts like me who are on for 124+ hours
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    I took FabiaN's excel file and made sql statements from it.

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    What should I do?

    Webstats 1.4.3
    Stats 0.8
    Achievement 0.8
  17. Change line 217


    if(ereg("\?",$url)) $anhang "&";
    if(preg_match("/\?/"$url)) $anhang "&";
  18. Webstats 1.4.4 Released!!!
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    would it be possible to include something so that if a variable hasn't been defined it just outputs 0? I ask because i don't have monsters enabled on my server at all so when i look at the server stats section i just get lots of undefined errors, gonna add the code myself but i'm sure others would appreciate it as well.

    EDIT: correction, i guess i should have looked a bit more closely, its about the index's themselves in the array for the monster not being defined, IE skeleton, creeper etc.

    Also, where is the $totallogins figured? cause this is what it says for my server 9107244936 and i know that isn't correct

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  20. yes this was a misstake you can change line 267 from
    <?php echo $stats['lastlogin']; ?>
    <?php echo $stats['login']; ?>
    or redownload webstats 1.4.4
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    alright, changed that in mine to fix it, so what about the undefined index's for these lines? I've not touched PHP much myself so i'm not sure how to fix it.
    <?php writestat($deaths['Zombie']); ?>
  22. can you send me the link to your webstats page ?
    and can you take a look into phpmyadmin into stats table ... if zombie was write into database linke this ZOMBIE then change it into

    <?php writestat($deaths['ZOMBIE']); ?>
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    sure, here is my stats page http://moosemanstudios.com:24007/webstats/index.php

    there is nothing in the stats table about any of the harmful mob, since they are disabled, thats the problem LOL.

    Alright i have a fix, and it probably should be used for all mob type stuff i changed the line from

    to this for each mob
    if (isset($deaths['Creeper'])) { writestat($deaths['Creeper']); } else { writestat(0); }
    fixed the errors

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  24. Today I was working on a new style for webstats.
    The first results can see you here


    Please also take part in the survey
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    very nice, i like it more
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    I noticed your version has Skills from McMMO. Are you going to be releasing your live version? I like it alot and if you could have an "Achievements Toplist" and "Skills Toplist" that would be amazing.
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    I am getting errors using your script.

    These are errors are sporadic and are on every other page.

    fatalfatalis.ca/ stats

    You can see for yourself!
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    I want to help you, but your page is offline... Maybe you can switch it back on so I can see your issues
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    I'm having an issue connecting to my MySQL database that is on my linux machine (which is the database that stats and achievements uses.)

    Anyways, I use a different system to run my website that is on a different IP. The setup I use is this:

    $host = "";            //Host exp: localhost
    $user = "root";                 //Username
    $pass = "**********";           //Password
    $table = "netstats";            //Tablename
    Now I'm not sure of two things. It asks for the tablename but never the database name. So I tried putting the database name in the $table = and I also tried putting one of the two table names. (seeing as there is one for achievements and one for stats)

    The error I get is:
    [B]Warning[/B]:  mysql_connect() [[URL='http://penorzilla.com/stats/function.mysql-connect']function.mysql-connect[/URL]]: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111 in [B]/homepages/36/d346498371/htdocs/wsb6082047601/stats/settings.php[/B] on line [B]30[/B]
     Could not connect
    The other thing I'm unaware of is it used to work 2 months ago on a Windows system. Now I am using a linux system and maybe I need to open up the ports for accepting connections?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    The ip of the database is:
    The database is: netstats
    The tables in netstats are: playerachivements and stats
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