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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by christoph astner, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. Minecraft Webstats


    With webstats you can view online minecraft statistic's of players that play on your server.

    What is required?
    • You need the plugin from nidefawls Stats + Archievements
    • Webspace
    • MySQL
    • PHP

    View Player stats+achievements on Webpage

    Changelog 1.4.4

    +SQL File from Fazuul was added , to create table and also including default Achievements!!! (THX Fazuul)
    +PHP Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated fixed!
    +Server Statistic page loads now instandly!!!
    +Fixed playedfor if hour was over 100h

    +Thumbnails on Players Details was added
    +Changed Thumbnails bed and reaper , now compatible with stats 0.9

    OLD CHANGELOG (open)
    OLD CHANGELOG (open)
    OLD CHANGELOG (open)

    Changelog 1.4.3

    +Fixed some Display Bugs
    +Changed Design on Server Statistic and Player Details
    +Added new Setting $servername = "iMinecraft Stats"; for simply change the Header Text.
    +Supports French Language THX @ )ReR(r-RĂ©mi

    +Fixed Achievements Edit
    +Changed DRoWINING to DROWING

    Changelog 1.4.2

    PHP Notice Errors should be fixed now!!!
    Fixed playtime
    View Pagesites step by step or Latest Page
    Added Toplists for Blocks Destroy, Blocks Placed, Player kills and Player Deaths on server statistic!!!!
    Added 2 new Settings to go back to your Main Page

    Achievements Editor
    Change the size of Achievements Name, Description on Editor
    Fixed some misstakes

    Changelog 1.4.1

    Added Thumbnail Soulsand and Diamon Block
    Achievement Export Fix there were 2 spaces after reward.
    Fixed some misstakes in Achievement Editor.

    Changelog 1.4

    Achievements Editor.
    Achievements Export.
    Achievements including as Pictures
    Achievements Pointsystem.
    Achivements Progress bar.
    Achievements Toplist
    Player Avatar Support. (Thanks scar413 for this great idea)
    Added Thumbnails
    Added Colorfilter for Achivements name
    Added Server Statistic

    Version 1.3.1
    1. Fixed Short tags
    2. Fixed XSS Problem
    3. Fixed Error message "Notice: Undefined index: session"

    Please register on Homepage
    or Subscribe the newsletter or RSS feed

    Feel free to Donate me

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    link broken :(
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    Copy in your webspace and edit settings.php.
    The settings.php has short opening tag ( <? ) if not activatet in your php.ini you have to change it in <?php
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    Thanks for fixing the short tags! I've used this for a while, but the first install had my wracking my brain until I finally started digging and realized nothing says <?php, but <? instead. It had been a while, so took me a few to figure it out =) Great piece of software, my players love it!
  6. Can't get this to work - I edited the settings.php yet it doesn't show any players on the homepage.

    Anywho, could I suggest you have the option for this to grab stats from McMMO too :D? That'd be a great bonus for my server :).
  7. send me a pm with settings.php

    and what stats you want to show with mcmmo on webstats ?
  8. I've fixed the issue of the data being displayed :).

    I'd like it to display the players McMMO skill levels. (i.e. woodcutting, mining, etc.)
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    if this is saved in your database you can add a function to get it... ;)
  10. Mcmmo does not Support MySQL the only way are Add a crontab with a Shell script that copy the flatfile into webstats and read the flatfile.
    Can anyone send me the flatfile where playerstats stored and the configuration Files ?
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    What should I do?

    Windows NT 6.1 build 7601 (Unknow Windows version Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1) i586
    PHP 5.3.5

    Permission 2.5.1
    iConomy 4.1
    achievements 0.6
    stats 0.6

    I change the value that is ";date.timezone = Asia/Seoul" in my php.ini.
    But still I have some error.

  13. copy this line in index.php on line 2

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    Moved to Bukkit Tools - This is not a plugin.
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    You have fotgotten round abound 2 million ' ' in your script.
    Did you ever turned on error_reporting(E_ALL);?

    Nice scirpt, but a lot of work to correct that.
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    This is my php.ini value.

    But I have still some error.

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    Seconded that, just looked over the whole script and it's pretty dirty, anyway, fixed it now and changed a bit.
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    Hello I isntalled this but I don't think it's picked the achivements up from the server.

    Or somethings wrong with the install. Could you have a look @ my website for it.

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    I have some error like below.

  20. Check language.php

    $lang = eng;

    Did you changed
    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE | E_STRICT
    error_reporting = E_ALL

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    Hello again.

    I have put it as that but its still not appearing like it does on your website and when you go into the admin area the achivement page has nothing on it on how to use it and also the server stats page doesn't link.
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    I changed
    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE | E_STRICT
    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
    working nicely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks!!! I am going to donate this fantastic tool
    and now i've done donate!
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    I'm having the same problem as you.
    Link to our website.
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  26. you must insert the Achievements
    into Webstats database with Achievements Editor at admin backend.

    If you want to show Achievements without adding into webstats achievements change follow line in settings.php

    $achievements_show = image;


    $achievements_show = text;


    Webstats 1.4.2 Released
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    I don't understand how it's supposed to sync data with my minecraft server. The properties of webstats has no section for a server IP or a port number. I'm just really confused and need some help. Thanks
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