Inactive [INFO] Uptime v0.5 - The Lightweight Original [#454-1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DiddiZ, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Advice for everyone who is complaining about the fact it resets on reload, try getting plugman, it's handy, and you can re-load, load, disable and enable plugins individually :p I hope that helped!
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    I do some plugin videos... Do you want me to do a video on this?
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    When you want, sure :D
    I'd embed it then.
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    Sounds fun! I might do one today! :)
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    Could we get permissions support for this?
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    IS this going to get updated Cheers Mate!
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    There is nothing to update, still runs fine.
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    Hi, Its a long time ago anyone answered on this thread, but is it possible to open the source of this project?
    I always used it on hmod, but now i have a longterm server and i want to make it persistant myself because like someone mentioned in the beginning of this thread, the server time is not persistant and resets on every reload command call.

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    Sure, it's in the first post now.
    You understand when I don't make an own repo for it :D
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    Thanks for the fast reply! I found it, i will let you know if it worked.
    Well i don't fully understand it, but i guess because it is a small project, and just one class.
    It's way easier to just include it in a .jar file like you did. :)
  11. works in 1.2.5 ?
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    This works in 1.2.5 Been using it for along time. Has never needed an update for new versions so far.

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