[INFO] StoolTab v1.5 - Making a better Player List for all [1317]

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    Funny name isn't it...
    What is StoolTab?
    • StoolTab enhances your server's player list (When you press TAB) with the player's Display name, (The name shown when chatting).
    • It also allows the admins to hide players from the list using the Inbuilt config file.
    How do I install this witchery?
    • Quite a simple one, Drop the StoolTab.jar file into your server's /plugins/ directory, and Start up your server.
    • After your server has loaded up, Go back to the /plugins/ folder to see a nice new /StoolTab/ folder sitting pretty.
    • Inside this is the Config.yml file. The brains of the operation.
    Surely its hard to configure...
    • Nope, Its dead easy. Just remember to NEVER NEVER NEVER use Tab in a YAML file! Only use the space bar when editing the file
    • To add a new rank to the list, Simply copy the one above, and paste it below, then change the rank name. This is the easiest way. Its how I did it, Its how the Pilot server did it. Same for the Player list!
    • Added config files! After many requests!
    • Also, the first public Release! Hooray for freedom!
    • All the basic stuff, Colours in the Player List. Really really basic player list.
    • No configs what so ever!
    Upcoming features / Confirmed stuff...
    • A command (So far undecided on name) to allow dynamic management of hidden players.
    • Other stuff you request!
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    Looks interesting.
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    Grammar Troll

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    Nice plugin!
    Missing plugin version, and CB must be in brackets. ([])
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    Am sorry :L
    Ive made plugins before, but only for private use by servers. This is my first public one
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    CB must be in square brackets []
    also, you can't have + in a CB number. You can't guarantee it'll work in the next RB.
    and yeah. needs a plugin version in the title.
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    And after the title you need a short deseiption

    [MISC]Test v0.1 - this is a test [1317]
  10. Could you support mChat colors ? To see ranks in TAB list :D
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    Working on it now captain!

    Update #1
    Just had a look through the sources of iChat & mChat to see if it was a problem on my side, and Ive just got in contact with the mChat developer to see if he sees anything his side that isnt setting the Display name that bukkit hands over to my plugin.

    StoolTab relies on a chat plugin (or something else handling names) using the setDisplayName() function, (Wholely because I used getDisplayName() to get it back!).
    In the future, when its not 10 to midnight, I will work on a seperate fork of StoolTab that will be able to pull names & whatnot from Permissions plugins (like Permissions 2.x & 3.x, PermissionsBukkit, SuperPerms etc) & generate its own display name, but the only problem with this method is that:
    A) Itll be that "tiny" bit slower
    B) More things to go wrong :(
    C) After configuring your Perms plugin to work with your chat plugin, you will have to add yet MORE nodes to get StoolTab to work! Argh!

    But I will not leave this alone until its done! Our pilot server group has 2 servers, One build and one survival. The build runs iChat & GroupManager and works fine with StoolTab. The other however runs HeroChat & GroupManager, And this just generates a bland white output :(

    This post is lengthy enough now. Good night gentlemen
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    Atomic Fusion

    Could you add screenshots (compare with plugin to without) to this thread and/or BukkitDev?
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    Please upgrade to latest RB

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